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on The Insect That Flies 16 000 Kilometres

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This is interesting. Amazing that a tiny insect fly from one continent to another. Summer is upon us. I saw the first Christmas beetle this weekend. All we need now is rain.

Definitely need rain Marinda, the bush is looking exceptionally dry!

Senior Digital Ranger

here in our pond the emperor dragonfly lay her eggs and it is after 2 years they say that the nymph comes out of the water ,opens and the new dragonfly “sleeps” out .
I have been watching it for a few hours before the wings dry , just like with a butterfly .I think I posted some pictures of it on instagram

How awesome are these Wandering Gilders. Thanks James for highlighting them. So many fabulous facts about these and so many others species.

You’re welcome. Yup, everything here is amazing if you look a little deeper!

Fascinating James! I think nature will teach us, if we sit, observe & be quiet..

I couldn’t agree more, Gawie!

James, I did not know about the Wandering Gliders. Great blog today!

Thanks Joan!

Quite an amazing tale, James! We saw swarms of dragonflies recently while in SE Asia – cousins of the gliders maybe?!

Quite possibly! Maybe even the same species. What time of year was it?

Just two weeks ago…

This is an almost unbelievable story, James. Incredible little insects they are! I am always amazed hearing the stories of the birds which emigrate too of course. Quite incredible. But this is the most incredible of the lot for me, so far! Thank you so much for this! I am going to pass it on to friends / relatives, anyone who is interested. Wendy M

Hi Wendy,
Definitely share with people. It’s an incredible story about these little things…

James, this blog was absolutely fascinating! Who would have thought this little insect has such an interesting back story. Thank you for educating us a bit more

You’re welcome Denise!

Another marvelously surprising story … thank you James!

Master Tracker

What a fantastic post. Thank you

Very cool story James! We never thought about how insects can take advantage of the higher altitude winds! Thanks for another wildlife lesson!

Dragonflies are such fascinating insects. I see them often in the Pacific NW where I live but didn’t know much about them or their migration to other locations. The Wandering Glider is beautiful as is the European Roller. The feast and the one who feasts. Such is the balance of nature. Great article and images.

What a totally facinating story, James! Really. I learned so much and will have to re-read this again to let it all sink in. What incredible cycle for such a little insect! Thanks James for bringing an excellent and interesting story to me. Your scope of writing is so diverse.

Interesting post!!

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