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on Why Would Elephants Eat Toxic Bushveld Candelabra Euphorbia?

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This is interesting Rob. I have never seen elephants eating euphorbia, although in Kruger I have seen them walking amongst the plants. I can only think that it is because of the drought that they are doing this.

Rob –
Always great to see a post from you….the perspective you bring is wonderful!

Rob, I have never seen a euphorbia before – maybe when we are there in 2020!

I agree that perhaps it’s the drought that has caused the elephants to do this unexpected eating behavior. But what strikes me the most is the difference between the animal and human digestive systems, and what it can and can not tolerate. SO toxic to humans on various levels….even breathing it in. Very interesting!

Senior Digital Ranger

It does look like the bush is extremely dry, with very little to eat … never seen anything eating the euphorbia trees.

Quite remarkable – as was “The Gods Must be Crazy”!

I read this with great interest as it seems a number of species have had to adapt to a different diet in light of global warming and subsequent droughts. The most fascinating is that animals have a greater ability to adapt their diet more easily than humans…. is their digestive system more adaptable to uncommon or potentially poisonous foods than humans, rendering us less likely to cope without “normal food”?!

This sounds a tad nervous making! I hope that whoever they are eating a toxic tree will not result in harm to large quantities of elephants!! Victoria

From the video it seems to be quite popular. We’ve never seen that before either.

Interesting post.

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