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on Cardinal Woodpecker Nest Discovered

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Amazing find!!!!

Lovely series of detailed pictures, John!

Great sighting. We have quite a few cardinal woodpeckers in the garden, but I have never seen them nesting.

As a birdies I enjoy this blog entry very much. As a matter of fact little Fiona and I we are getting ready to start our once a month walk to the Central Park and early this afternoon to see April the Giraffe for the last time this season. We hope you will update us on the status of the nest. Have a good day.

James, great photos, especially the one feeding the little bird!

Gorgeous bird.

Delightful article and pics. Thanks James. Are the Cardinal Woodpeckers immigrants from overseas? Or locals?

Incredible sequence of photos by John of this beautiful little woodpecker and his chick. Another great learning experience for those of us not familiar with the bird world.

Senior Digital Ranger

maybe hang a camera trap ??

James those photos are amazing. Hollows for nests are becoming a rarity in Sydney so your woodpecker is very lucky. Bird numbers for those species needing hollows for nests, such as the Laughing Kookaburra, are declining due to the lack of old trees with hollows. Can you follow up on the chick’s progress at a later date? Perhaps when it’s a fledgling?

A nice blog James and John certainly did a great job of taking the series of pics of this beautiful bird. I have a downy woodpecker pair that come to my suet feeder and they are pretty birds. We have a similar woodpecker here with the same markings but they are far larger. They are called pileated woodpeckers. Thank you both for sharing this with us.

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