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Rob joined the Londolozi team at the start of 2017. Having grown up on a farm in the Cape and spending many holidays traveling Southern Africa he developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the natural world. After completing a ...

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on Toiling for Tracks in Black Cotton Soil

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Judas is the best. Was it the Mhangene pride with the Ottawa male? How many of the original four lionesses are still in the pride?

Three of the original four Mhangeni Lionesses remain and the other two are two of the three young females born in late-2015 into 2016. The cub is a little female sired by the Birmingham Boys.

Thank you for the information Michael.

Actually saw a similar standoff during a 2017 visit.
At that time, the lions were feeding on a downed buffalo when other buffalo arrived, scuffled with the lions, and then chased them.

Interesting to learn about the Black Cotton soil and the difficulties it presents when tracking. It’s also encouraging to learn that Londolozi is keeping the enthusiasm and motivation alive for what could be a lost art. As you say, trackers are invaluable and worth their weight in gold when it comes to a sighting of this calibre. Seeing lions hunting during the day and an extremely large herd of buffalo. Truly awesome.

Rob, what an awesome experience! I guess the lions finally gave up – not the buffalos this time.

Senior Digital Ranger

What an amazing capture on film for the morning Rob! As much as the lions were hungry upon there hunt,.. I’ve seen this kind of gathering on film before, and it was not pretty looking, as two buffalo’s ganged up against a lioness and sent her flying! This time around, the lions were up against a tough crowd! I’m to assume that they will rest and try again later in the evening,.. (??)
The outdoor ambiance for the morning venture itself is just beautiful!

Loved watching the buffaloes outwitting the lions. Doesn’t happen very often it seems. Thank you Victoria

What a great sighting you had thanks to Judas. Truly the skills of the trackers never cease to amaze me. Unfortunately score 1- Buffalo; score 0 Lions. Fortunately there’s always a next time…..

What skill! What a tracker!! I appreciate your telling about the Black Cotton Soil and the difficulties associated with tracking. The guests had a rewarding morning and I bet Judas smiled for days!

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