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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on A Day Off In The Life Of A Ranger

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It is always interesting what happen “behind the scenes”. It is a lovely to take the staff on a staff bumble and give the them a chance to experience a game drive.

That was an interesting read and I have to say you obviously have the most interesting and amazing job. Learning all the time, meeting people from all around the world and making new friends, constantly seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. What a fantastic life, way to go for sure. 👍👍

Expect to see copies of those pink shorts with logo for sale during our next visit.

Dean, I always wondered what you did on your day off. My husband runs marathons, he is 69 now. He started running after he retired – he has completed 17 marathons – which is amazing. He will run the Athens Authentic Marathon 26.2 miles (it will finish in the Olympic stadium – it is the origanal course that man took to declare that the Athenians had won their battle – he died after running) on Nov 10, 2 days before his 70th birthday (bummer he could have been in another age group, 70-74).

You all work so hard during your six week cycle, that a day off is well deserved, although your activities seem to define a “busman’s holiday”. Seems there should be an opportunity to kick back, settle with a good book, discover some photo ops and enjoy a good drink! Cheers!

A Good Life even if you’re on standby, me thinks!

Senior Digital Ranger

Good stuff

What an incredible job to have…and we can tell how much of a family you all are when we visit! Such a loving atmosphere! Very special people and place to my husband and I! Can’t wait to return in September 2021! 😘

Senior Digital Ranger

This has just been so awesome to see how the Londolozi staff stay connected, and nurtured. .. It brings a smile and joy to the day, not to mention a positive perspective for the morale ! Thank you for sharing this!

Does running ever attract the attention of a predator or do you stay within the confines of the camp?

HI guys, we stay within the confines of the camp, although there may well be a sneaky leopard watching from the bushes somewhere, as they are often in and out…

It’s always interesting so get a sneak peek into the life of Londolozi from behind the scene. It all looks SO good and a stress reliever as well. However, it looks like Duncan was taking his jog very seriously….loved those smiles! Thanks Dean for the peek! It was informative and fun.

With limitations to an average person it sounds as if there is a culture which has been developed. Health
Fitness. Education. Camaraderie.
Well done on all levels.

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