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Hosana 3:3 Male

Hosana 3:3 Male

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Hosana Male Leopard Back on Londolozi

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Hosanna is a beautiful leopard. Saw the Hukumuri leopard on Youtube last week. His injuries looked bad.

Thank you for the update on Hosana. We are missing our Little Chief on SafariLive!

There seems to be never a dull moment in the leopard world. I’m sad to read about the loss of another cub but hopeful for the Nanga female.

Looking forward to next week’s update on Hosana vs Anderson males.

Digital Ranger

Always drama, in the lives of leopards! Thank you, James.

Glad to hear Hosana is doing well on Londolozi. Moya/Nanga was seen mating with Hukumuri a number of months ago so he is the likely candidate to be the father of her cubs. And if he’s pushing in to the northern reaches of Londolozi, it could be a good thing for her. Thamba (Hosana’s nephew and possible half-brother who you used to see on Londolozi) has established himself on Singita (at just over three-years old) and has already been mating with a female, so Hosana (five months older) certainly could establish himself, but still I would think the densities of older, more mature males on Londolozi will prevent that. Do you know the furthest into Londolozi Hosana has been seen? Looking forward to your update next week James!

Lots of fans for Hosana so please keep us updated or… just send him back. 🙂

The Djuma SafariLive naturalists are feeling sad and missing their Prince Hosana. Where will Hosana establish a territory, that’s the question? Seem like Hosana moves south when The Hukumuri Male patrols his eastern boundary, near central Djuma where Hosana likes to hang out in his father’s territory. (Tingana). Or was it the Lioness activity and raising cubs around his favorite waterhole that pushed him south? Just speculation, but follow the Leopard lives and stories are fun and interesting, and what keeps me coming back for more.

James, awesome blog today, keep us posted on leopard dynamics

Master Tracker

Does the Hosana Male originate in Londolozi? In other words, was he born here, moved away and come back?

Hosana was born on Djuma Private Game Reserve in the northern Sabi Sands on February 2, 2016. He has made a few forays onto Londolozi in the past but was on Djuma since the end of May. He recently made his way down to Londolozi again.

Master Tracker

Many thanks

Senior Digital Ranger

Hosana is a beauty & I hope he doesn’t settle in your turf as we missing him in Djuma & safari live 😁 Looking forward to seeing your videos next week. Thanks James

He’s a good looking fellow! How big is he relative to the Anderson male? Is he the”rogue male” that killed one of the Tsalala lionesses’ cubs?

Senior Digital Ranger

Looking forward to see the interaction between Hosana and Anderson on video.

He is so majestic. What a privilege to be able to track the life of such an incredible creature!

Thank you so much for keeping us updated on our favorite cat! We miss him on Djuma and hope he comes home soon…

Senior Digital Ranger

Will The Prince of Djuma become the King of Londolozi?

Also looking forward to see the interaction between Hosana and Anderson on video.

It’s out you won’t believe your eyes what ya see will there be a new king soon?

James, is the Anderson male aging so much that he is allowing other males to invade his territory?

Digital Ranger

Thank you for the update James! I hope Hosana finds ‘his own’ place soon 🙂
Looking forward to seeing the video with him and Anderson male.

Nice to hear that Hosana is back!

James, still waiting on the Anderson/Hosana footage. Hoping to see it soon.

It’s out on YouTube now it’s epic you’ll love ❤️ it but hate it also

Hosana! You silly silly boy! Stop harassing Mr. Anderson and come back to Djuma at once, it has been too long since we saw your last clowning shows! I don’t need to break it to you but your sister Thandi has two new cubs, come and greet her! If you don’t believe me check it on her Facebook page, she posts her cubs pictures every week! Oh, by the way.. Jamie Paterson is leaving the SafariLIVE show on November 15th.. come say your goodbyes!

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