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on Tsalala Lioness Loses Cubs

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It is sad. I saw a post earlier this morning that a male leopard killed two cubs. I thought it was one the resident male leopards. Is this young leopard new to the area? Is it because the lioness is alone that she could not defend the cubs?

Oh, what a pity…………………….. it was such a good thing. Hopefully the other cub survives, so that they can start the minipride!

James, so sorry to hear that Tsalala lioness has lost cubs! But at least one remains, so perhaps they will possibly carry on the gene pool

Sad news indeed. We will hope for the good fortunes of her remaining cub

Oh James. We are both so VERY sorry about this. However, hopefully the little remaining cub will grow up to be a lovely strong lioness, like her Mom. Wendy M

Senior Digital Ranger

Sad news, but hopefully this little female will be ok. We never know what nature has in store for us. Thank you for the update.

Heartbreaking indeed! But, this is not Disneyland, so we have to expect sad news like this. So very sad though! Thanks for the update, James. Bad news or not, it is reality.

This is sad news but not surprising or unexpected, considering her circumstances. My question is, she started out with three cubs, now one is confirmed dead and she was later seen with one, so is the third presumed dead as a result of the leopard attack?

As you say, circle of life …

Master Tracker

Oh what a sad story

Such sad news, James, but good to hear that one cub has survived. The Tsalala lioness has certainly not had an easy life, but she is a survivor and a great mother — hopefully this cub will survive to adulthood.

I am truly heartbroken to get this news😢. I pray the other one survived. Victoria

So sad! We were privileged to view all three of them last week with their mom on a kill in the river

I knew it was going to be difficult for her, but this still hurts. At least she has one little female left. Hopefully she will get her through against the odds.

I often wonder what things would have turned out to be had the Tailless Lioness not rejected the sub-adult offspring of her sister when she and the current Tsalala lioness returned to Londolozi.

Very sad news. Are there any female leopards with cubs in this area at present? – and which is the dominant male there?

Nature can be very hard sometimes, this time for the lioness as well as the little cub. So sad. I hope the remaining little female can make it!

Digital Ranger

Darn! It is difficult being a mom.

James, Thanks for the update. We are trained to hope for the best for the cubs always, but know that in the scheme of things, that the cubs are at risk always….

arrrrgh I knew the odds were low but it still is a heart wrencher.

Ahhh my heart is so sad…

I’m really sorry to hear this news. Everyone loves an underdog (or cat) and the Tsalala female is as tough as they get, becoming a favorite of mine. Hope still remains though for the little female cub!
Thanks for letting us know James

I know it’s nature but gee I felt sad for this solo lioness. She seems to have such a fighting spirit and I wanted her cubs to succeed even though the chances of these small ones surviving are slim. Hoping the one cub makes it with mum into the future.

My heart aches for this little family. I had such hopes…… perhaps the future will brighten. We’re still rooting for her!

Senior Digital Ranger

James…tough part of the fantastic job you have..hard not to be tempted to intercede..you have undoubtedly seen difficult events and wished you could intervene. Good report as usual.

Thanks Jim.
Most of the events out here we don’t even witness, so intervening wouldn’t be an option anyway. But yes, it can be tough watching sad events unfold while just watching…

Wow! We were discussing this very scenario when we saw the cubs recently. Hoping for the best for the remaining cub.

Shame lets hope the final one survives

This broke my heart. I was so in hopes she would keep them all and start her own pride. At least she has one left and I have heard it’s a female. Just so sad when it is such a social animal and then have to be alone.

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