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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on The Week in Pictures #399

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Senior Digital Ranger

Really fantastic shots, Dean. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great weekend!

Thanks Carolyn appreciate it.

I love your images, Dean. Thanks for sharing. I think you’re on the right track with your socalled Abstract Photography, although I don’t know if that’s the right name for it, because most of them are not really abstract. You can still see what it is. Detail photography might be more appropriate. But whatever name you give it, it’s great to watch and inspires me to try and figure out something similar to do. Not copying of course.

Thank you Betty-Lou. Probably a better name for it actually. Glad you excited about trying new things, have some fun with it.

Senior Digital Ranger

great pictures!

Thank you Dina

What fabulous photos, Dean! I love the Three Rivers female! Your photos were all spectacular though. Great captures!

Really appreciate the comment Darlene.

Another winning TWIP. Thanks.

Good to hear Doug, thank you.

will be visiting in september, the blog has wetted my appetite even more than it already is as this is a real bucket list trip for me. looking forward to meeting the contributers james,pete and dean when i get there. quick photo question, value of monopod to help steady camera while in truck?

Careful Paul, Londolozi is a very addictive place. We started out in 2010 with a “one-off” visit – and I’m back in 3 weeks for my 10th ! I guarantee you will absolutely love it.

Suzanne you couldn’t be more correct. Look forward to meeting you Paul. Regards to the monopod, we have been bags that attach to the vehicle that in my opinion are more than enough to keep the camera steady.

Dean, Really great photos. Wowed me this week. Tatowa and Hyena cubs are so cute. Thank you

Thank you Andrew and Daniel, good to hear.

Another round of wonderful images from you- especially the portraits of the ostrich and rhino. The leopard and the Pangolin- he probably had as much success as the lion interaction a couple of months ago.
I’d call your paw/tail image “detail” photography which I truly love and practice. Keep up your great blogs!

Detail seems to be a better use of words, thank you for the comment Denise. He had very little success.

Dean your pics are amazing. Love the leopard and pangolin. Nature do bring you back to the present moment. It is so important to live each moment to its fullest and be in the present.

Thank you Marinda, thats it exactly.

The Tortoise Pan male with a pangolin – Dean, you certainly struck gold on that one! Lovely TWIP.


Thank you Suzanne and Cynthia. Extremely Lucky

Great selection of photos Dean! Am curious to know if you have been able to determine the sex ratio of the Ntsevu cubs? Thanks!

Dean, I especially the baby elephant photo

Thank you Joan

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, some wonderful sightings! I hope that Birmingham Nsuku can make it through this horrible leg injury.. Some say he is fading away and others say not, so I guess time will tell. Sad to see them fading away so soon. When we first saw them there were five. The Senegal Bush male is also always a welcome sight. The little Tatowa cub is very precious and the young leopards all seem to be thriving. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos.

Thank you MJ, I always say animals are more resilient than we give them credit for. Thank you for the comment.

Master Tracker

So sad 😞 that when you do get to see a pangolin , it is being eaten

Was quite amazing to see the power of the scales, he/she went unharmed Ian.

Senior Digital Ranger

Ahhhh thank you for letting us know! -Angolans are so special. Amazing photos and you have such a sensitive eye for emotion in them.

amazing to see all those hairs on the elephant baby’s frontlegs!

Glad you enjoyed Irene

Hi Dean. A possible caption for your try at abstract photography “The Tail End of the Story.”?? Wonderful pics. Thoroughly enjoyed them. I have a special place in my heart for the “Mother Ostrich” ! Wendy M

It really is special story. I do like that caption, might just use it. Thanks Wendy

Hello Dean!
Good written! I agree! Fantastic pictures!!
Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Ann. Appreciate the comment.

As the horrors of what is happening in the US this week, the week in pictures, always a delight, were also a comfort! I think your young philosopher has a point. There is no running away, you can only keep going. That said, the pictures were always wonderful. Especially loved the tango of the wild dogs and the leopard cub. Hope the pangolin was okay ?!? Victoria

Dean you hit one out of the park with this week’s photo’s. What was not to love as each spoke it’s own story. I’m so glad that the Birmingham male is still alive. He was getting a bit emaciated and hope he continues to get enough food to survive. Thanks for an exceptional week of images!

Wow what a great comment. Thank you Joanne. Yes lets hope so.

That are really at all incredible pictures, very different and one by one perfect. Tortoise Pan and the Penguline-incredible.

Amazing sighting of the Tortoise Pan Male with the pangolin, great interaction!! Also love the shot of the lions pair drinking.

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