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on Ntsevu Pride vs. Buffalo Part 2

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Lions will do anything to avoid injury. The buffalo are obviously too strong now, so it is just easier too find different prey.

Put in historical context, these are snart lions! Opportunists when it makes sense, cautious when times change.

James, I agree with Marina Drake. Lions will do anything to avoid injury, and the buffalo are obviously too strong now! Wonderful blog today. The Ntsevu Pride was a buffalo hunting machine back in 2016.

Interesting… I’m confident the girls can learn and adapt. They’ll have to with all those mouths to feed! Do the Birmingham males ever assist with the hunts? They were fairly well known in the North for their buffalo hunting prowess. Here’s a great vid of them charging a herd at a watering hole and taking down two calves and a cow in Djuma. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5Ujy7KkOyI

Senior Digital Ranger

They will learn how to hunt buffalo.

I’m sure the ladies will make their move when the time is right. They’ve learned how dangerous the buffalos can be and I understand their hesitancy to wade into the herd looking for a potential meal. They’ve a lot of little ones to support and the odd impala or other deer species doesn’t go far to feed their mega family. I’ve confidence they will figure it out.

Just shows how adaptable the lions actually are. When hunger calls, they will hunt smaller and safer prey until their skills are honed. A lioness or two may get hurt learning along the way.

We remember the draught and how lions killed buffalo at will, even near the lodge deck in the Sand River. It was a troublesome time for all the grazing animals … no place to hide and nothing to eat. Very happy the rains finally came!

I guess not all prides are like the Tsaro Pride in Duba Plains. But still.

James, love this part deux…as the saying goes, there is always more to the story🦁

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