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Being surrounded by wilderness from a young age, you experience it in all of its essence. Matt was privileged enough to grow up in the Lowveld and its surroundings, sparking a great love for nature and all it has to offer, be it ...

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on iPhone Video Explained

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Love your blogs Matt. Interesting and very helpful.

Thanks Matt for these great tips. Well explained.

Thank you Matt. I learned so much about using the video feature of my phone and had no idea about going to settings to adjust the FPS. I’ll start experimenting……

My husband has a great camera and I put the best pictures he takes in an album so I can look at them and remember. I do not take pictures because I want to just look and remember. I know Bruce tried to help one of our friends in January who was trying to take a video. Looked complicated. Victoria

I forgot to ask you… how does one edit a video? I edit photos all the time but haven’t succeeded with the few videos I’ve taken? Thanx!

Hi Denise!

There are various editing apps which are available on the AppStore. iMovie is a great place to start or something more intricate an app called Splice.

Good suggestions for those with newer Iphones.

Was with Ranger Greg Pingo when the buffalo video was shot–crazy event. Likely 400+ buffalo meandering to the waterhole. Without any evident cause, they charged toward the water. Several minutes of drinking, rolling around in the mud and playfulnes followed.

Matt great tips for taking videos

Nice clear review Matt and your video really demonstrate Time Lapse!

Thanks so much for the clear explanations and step by step instructions. Am sure my videos will vastly improve now.

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