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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Spotted this leopard?
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Guy Brunskill

Alumni Ranger

Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on Worth the Wait: Leaping Leopard

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Great sighting Guy. Definitely on my bucket list.

Guy, You got it for sure!!!! What a great sequence – brilliant that you had the foresight and patience to wait for the perfect moment! Thanks for sharing an amazing sighting.

Consider us envious. We’ve waited several times like this but only successfully a few times. Congratulations!!!

Love your patience! And those photos made it all worthwhile. They are FANTASTIC! A full reflection on the leap, a leopard just hanging in mid air—dream shots!!! Thanks so much for sharing this, Guy!

Guy, wonderful photos

Beautiful images of the Leapin’ Leopard! I was going to say lucky you, but your patient wait meant it was more than luck! Nice job!

It is heartwarming to see the many animals doing so well under the watchful eye of the Londolozi Game Reserve. Keep up the great work you do. So many are thankful for all your efforts

Interesting encounter. From your image I didn’t realize that the mating of two leopards could initially so adversarial!
before mating. Person can see snarls afterwards between lions, but leopards really seem start off negatively although I know not hurtful. Surprising.

Amazing photos, that is really is the dream shot!!!

Beautiful shots. Worthy of some artist doing it in oils on canvas,

Master Tracker

Spectacular shots, lucky guests and well done everybody for persevering .

Such an amazing shot of the beautiful beautiful Nkoveni ❤️

Really good blog Guy and I have to say your leaping leopard photos are outstanding! Actually better than Kevin’s, posted mid-May. Don’t tell him that however. Those are the types of images one dreams of, besides mums with cubs. 👏😘📷

Beautiful read!

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