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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on Wild Dogs vs Hyenas… Again!

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Great video. This is definitely a sighting that is on my bucket list.

Thank You Marinda

Master Tracker

Amazing story, it seems you are seeing an awful lot of wild dogs lately

Thank you Ian, yes we have been seeing a pack of 7 wilddog recently.

Dean, great article. I have only seen wild dogs once, but not at Londolozi, it was in the Serengeti. Maybe next time we come (2020) they will still be resident!

Thank you. Lets hope so Joan.

They had just made a kill and were devouring it as we arrived, quite a sight

An experience for all the senses I’m sure! Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up just thinking about it.

Felt exactly the same.

Dean, Wow! Took us a couple minutes to process the video and we weren’t even there! The Hyena squeals are so crazy!

Definitely noises that one never forgets.

What a sighting! Love the video!

Glad you enjoyed Mary

Wow! That was incredible. The video certainly illustrated the lack of love between these two predators. When it comes down to who claims the win, it seems to be all about the numbers- which species has the most warriors!! Great storytelling Dean.

Thank you so much Denise. Glad you enjoyed.

Dean, we were there in September 2018. I wondered if the cheetah with bad eye has raised her cubs – they were already full grown when we were there (I think).

Hi Joan,
The adult female was unfortunately killed north of Londolozi. Both sub-adults were subsequently seen on Londolozi after that. They were split after an attack on the male by a leopard to the south of us, and disappeared shortly after that. We haven’t seen them for awhile but they may well be fine…

Thank you so much for the information

Wow Dean … front row seats to a heavy weight fight! Thank goodness they’re content to run around the vehicle rather than over it!!!

Best seats in the house.

What a scene! I can’t imagine the thrill sitting literally in the middle of that noisy fight! Loved the nipping and noises, but could figure out who was making those sounds…..the hyenas or the wild dogs?

Hi Joanne, both were. The higher pitched squeals are the Wilddog.

Those nips on the rear of hyenas by the wild dogs must be pretty painful. No wonder the hyenas go around in a sitting posture so often! Such an exciting video and article, Dean. Thank you! Wendy M

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment.

Senior Digital Ranger

Phew how amazing that was! It’s wonderful to watch the action between those two predators as hyenas are relentless & won’t give up, neither will the dogs, until the lucky one wins!!! Glad it was the dogs in this case. 😁

Relentless is a great word to use. Glad you enjoyed.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow that was an awesome sighting thank you for video & pictures 😁

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