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Pete was a Field Guide for Londolozi for 4 years, contributing to the blog as a fantastic writer as well as photographer. Right from his very first bush trip at the age of four, Pete was always enthralled by this environment. Having grown ...

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on The Week in Pictures #389

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Lovely pucs Pete. Love the elephant cow crossing the Sand river, and the Ntsevu pride drinking.

Master Tracker

Love the lions drinking picture. If a solitary female wild dog has been seen, what are the odds that a male will break off from an established pack ?

Hi Ian,

It’s really very difficult to say what the odds are. As dogs cover such substantial amounts of ground (dispersers could cover ~200km), one would hope that with their incredible sense of smell, they would meet up with other dispersers or in some cases – already established packs. If the latter is the case, that dog would have to work its way up the social ranks from the bottom.

Pete, Just beautiful pictures in this weeks edition. Thank you

Pete, I loved the picture of the lions lined up to drink, and the impala (no one ever likes photos of impala), and the elephant cow crossing the sand river

Extraordinary photo of the lion pride at the water hole. Would have loved to have been there!

👏 Bravo, some beautiful images here, especially the elephant calf nibbling at mom’s ear. Looking forward to next week’s collection.

So the Ndzanzeni young male has finally got a proper name – as befits a future father! Interesting to see Mashaba favouring him in the mating stakes to his father; wasn’t it just a couple of months ago it was the other way round? Presumably she wouldn’t have been pregnant from those earlier encounters or she wouldn’t have wanted to mate again? Thanks for a great blog; the line of lions drinking is a particular gem and I’m very envious of you for seeing that.

Hi Suzanne,

Yes you are right – they were all seen together a little while back – in fact the Three Rivers female was in the group last time. And yes – the tables turned since the last sighting in that this time the Tortoise Pan male was being favoured over his father rather than the other way around.

Wow Pete, great shots! We loved seeing the Ntsevu pride at the water and especially love the Green Pigeon against the velvet background!

Beautiful photos to capture the week. I am fond of doves and pigeons so I was happy to see the green pigeon.

Great selection of photos Pete! Am curious about something and hoping you could help me. You mentioned in the summary of the week a breakaway pride of the Nkuhuma Pride. How many members were there and the composition of the breakaway Pride, if you know? Thank you and once again fantastic photos!

Hi Michael,

Thanks! In terms of the Nkuhuma lions – there was a sighting of five lions. Unsure of the composition at this stage. Apparently where they are seen further north they are seen in different numbers from day to day.

That photo of the African green pigeon is insane!!!

And I wonder if that dispersing wild dog will find a wandering male soon?

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