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Bruce worked at Londolozi from 2017 to 2020. He always had a passion for the bush and the outdoors, having been camping and fishing since he was a young boy. He attended school in the Natal midlands after which he moved down to ...

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on Incredible Scenes: Mhangeni Pride Kill Waterbuck in Waterhole

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It is great to see the Mahengen pride doing well. The waterbuck must have been surprised in the water. Great sighting.

Great narrative and images Bruce. I could feel the energy & excitement!

Thanks very much Vin!

Wonderful photos, Bruce, especially the one of the “Lioness who suffocated” the water buck.

Thank you Joan!

Fabulous photos! Great detail! You are so right, Bruce. One minute you feel like there is nothing going on today and the next minute, the Bush comes alive! You must have patience on game drives! Part of the thrill is ‘the hunt’! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Darlene, I’m glad you agree!!

My heart was pounding as I read the story of this tracking success. How awesome for your guests to be able to witness such a spectacle. This is what it’s all about. To see the kill and the lions [positioning to feed. Wow. The fact that the lioness called and then fetched her Cubs was like a double dose of icing on the cake. Well done Bruce and Rob!! This is truly what most people hope to see at least once on their Safari’s. As usual the great trackers and guides at Londolozi produce the most amazing memories. Thanks guys!

Thank you very much for the words. I can tell how excited this makes you! I agree, the lioness leaving to fetch her cubs was a special addition to the sighting that we won’t forget! This is indeed why we do what we do.

A nice blog Bruce and the pics exceptional. Your narration made me feel like I was there with you all. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Good job……

Thank you Leonie, I’m glad you were engaged with the story behind the photos, and enjoyed the photos too!

Master Tracker

The lioness, bloody in tooth and claw would go on my wall any day.

Superb photos! What an exciting event to witness. I recall a few weeks ago, a photo from a camera trap showing a leopard taking down a nayala. Thank you so much for this Londolozi blog; I’ll never forget the entirely too few days I spent at Londolozi.

Thank you Doug, I’m glad the memories of this place will stay with you forever.

I don’t suppose I could have seen it more clearly if I had been there. What an amazing and skilled description!

Wow, thank you, I appreciate that!

What an amazing sighting you had. Your photos and descriptions almost made me feel that I was a visitor in the rover!! I was captivated throughout your blog and especially liked the end photo of mum , blood stained face and all, taking time to be with her cubs. Thanks for sharing your story!!

Thank you Denise! I appreciate the comment and am so glad you felt like you could have been sitting on the land rover with us!

Wonderful story telling, Bruce! I could feel the excitement, the racing adrenaline! Impressive images as well.

Thank you very much Mary Beth! I’m happy that you felt connected to the story!

Your superb writing brought this all alive. What an event and chronicled with outstanding images. Absolutely incredible!

Wow, thank you Joanne! I appreciate the comment and am glad you felt engaged with the writing and images!

Wow! It’s at once so gruesome and so sweet. What an amazing sighting.

Senior Digital Ranger

What a lovely description and pictorial of what most people consider a brutal existence. You so beautifully shared the respect and honor the lions gave this buck as it gave it’s life for their survival and then the support and love for one another. We have so very much to learn from our brethren animals. Thank you for this!

Fabulous story Bruce! What an exciting ending to your safari! And how lucky were those lionesses to bring that buck down in a croc-less pan because if a croc had been nearby the party would have been really exciting but then they would have it brought the cubs out. Really great cub shots!!!

Unbelievable sighting and incredible images, really evocative!!

Thank you Callum!

You don’t see something that special every day. I am envious. Well done Bruce and Rob.

Thank you very much Karin! Maybe next time it’ll be you seeing this!

Bruce, That sighting is just insane. All we can say after seeing the successful females face is WOW!

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