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on Tree Climbing Lions of Londolozi?

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We saw a lioness many years ago in Kruger high up in a Marula tree with seven male lions around the base of the tree waiting for her to come down. We have also seen young cheetah up in a tree, although not very high.

Something we’ve never seen!
It did bring to mind an amusing morning when we saw a playful leopard cub learning to climb a tree under the watchful eye of the mother who was stretched out comfortably underneath. It was quite humorous as the cub tried to descend. Instead of going down, after each attempt it actually climbed higher. Watching it try to figure it out was amazing. Finally, after several attempts, it scampered down and raced over to its mother. (We projected that it was beaming with pride!)

Very interesting! I so enjoyed the photos too. I cannot imagine the poor leopard’s heart rate when a lion or lioness comes up the tree after the leopard’s kill.

All fascinating images! Especially the rare shot of the lion and leopard in the same tree along with the image of the full grown male scaling the tree toward a kill. Great job!

Master Tracker

I have seen lion cubs in trees in Sabi Sands but they weren’t that high up

Great post Pete, We have never seen lions in trees in all our visits. Especially love the Hip-Scar male trying his best! Too funny!

Fascinating subject Pete. We’ve seen tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara and watched tigers climbing trees in Tiger Canyon. What seems most interesting is the ease with which tigers smoothly climb and the awkwardness that lions seem to exhibit. They don’t seem to have the same sense of balance but it’s always a treat to see. We look forward to that possibility at Londolozi.

There are also very famous tree-climbing lions in the Serengeti too!

Good blog. In all my trips to Southern Africa I’ve never witnessed a lion up a tree, but it doesn’t surprise me. Super picture of the leopard and lion facing off in the tree. I think I know who won that round.

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