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on What Bird is This? #11

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Now this is a challenge! I am rubbish at identifying nests. I am going with a Long-billed Crombec (Sylvietta rufescens) with this one.

Great call!

Interesting information. No idea what bird it is.

Have a close look at the beak and eye-stripe Marinda…

To be honest James I could not see the bird on my phone at first. Desmond said look on your PC. Maybe time for new spectacles. I must go with Declan on this. It is a long-billed Crombec. It was the nest I looked at first as we have seen many like that before. I always thought it was spider nests. It is a purse nest buildt with spider webs and sticks.

Long-billed crombes, I think?

Nice blog on birds James. My guess is a weaver. My second guess would be hummingbird, however, am unsure if they are found in Africa. Thank you and I look forward to the answer next week. Have a good week in the bush.

I don’t know a lot about birds but I remember some of the weavers had nice nests like this that seemed to be deep and cozy. Is this bird a kind of a weaver bird?

OK James – I’m going to do my research on this one. In the meantime I’m emailing you a photo of a house somewhere in Gauteng. Please will you identify the people who live in it…

After researching nests, I initially thought it was some specie of Weavers, but now I’m thinking it is a long billed crombec, as the best is a bit messy…..

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