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on Curiosity Killed the…. Giraffe?

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Lovely video. It is amazing to see giraffe going up to the lions to see what is happening. I remember thevTsalala pride with the Magingilane lying next to the Sandriver and some giraffe came right up close to them.

Wow! Have never seen giraffes close to any other species.

James, a most enjoyable blog. Always exciting to see lions on the kill and the Giraffe’s fascination with them is nothing short of gripping. One would think a pride could easily take them down but inherently they know one kick to the jaw renders them doomed. I will be interested to watch and see how the growing prides feed their increasing numbers. Looks like an exciting year ahead. Londolozi is thriving. How fabulous. Thanks for this Blog

Seems the best opportunity for a giraffe meal is to find an older member who’s passed away naturally or go for a youngster that is not wise to the world. With the increasing number of adults in
prides , and their hungry offspring to feed, it seems logical that the prey pool will grow, including the long necked wonders. “On vera “……….

So Giraffes “hum” to each other! How interesting. Didn’t know that. I hum to myself in the shower and our son, Bruce, especially when he was younger, loved his food and he would hum happily to himself as he was dishing up his grub. He is not that tall but he was very into his various sports and had loads of energy. His close friend who was bigger and taller once gazed in some surprise at Bruce’s dinner plate (2nd helping) and asked whether Bruce intended to eat it – or climb it? Question. Could Giraffes and MacNicols share some kind of “humming” gene perhaps? Wendy M

I’m very happy for those giraffes – they’re having better luck than I am…

Guess I’m as curious as the giraffes and learned how and why they vocalize. Humming was a genuine surprise! Love to hear more about giraffes!

Fascinating phenomenon!

Great sounds! Interesting that they mutually have just mild curiosity in each other. I have often wondeeed why herd animals stand so close to watch lions eat. It seems like the lions could stampede them into each other without much effort.

I can’t imagine the giraffe being so bold if it was the Ntsevu Pride on the kill, although if they’re distracted with a kill the lions aren’t likely to attack an adult giraffe in that particular scenario.

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