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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #381

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Stunning pics. The one that stand out is the guineafowl.

Another wonderful week. The Mashaba female caught my attention looking majestic and confident. Additionally I enjoy the daily Blog when there is a moving picture at the top, even though it is brief. That action effect draws me right in and watch it over and over again, knowing it is fresh. Not sure how others feel but I woulf like to see more if possible. Thank you

Hi Andrew and Daniel,
We couldn’t agree more and are all in favour of the gif at the top.
We have unfortunately been experiencing some issues with the website through which our gifs operate, but they seem to be back up and running again, so expect more in the future.
Best regards,

Maybe I should just go and throw my camera in the dustbin…

Great blog as always,James.My guess would be that Anderson is pushing the Flat Rock male to the south east,this in turn has been increasing the pressure on Inyathini.Inyathini has been on the receiving end in confrontations with N’weti and has lost quite a bit of his territory to the much younger male,so shifting south is not an option for him.Interesting times ahead…

It may be cliched, but I think this elephant eye image is just about right!

James, Great post! Love the Guinea Fowl fight shot and of course the beautiful Mashaba!

Digital Ranger

What a lovely, peaceful face this leopard has! Lying in the sunshine, it is obviously not suffering the chilly March winds which we have in the UK at the moment!

Oh, if only we were there!!! Victoria

We can read the bio of each guide and occasionally here more about a tracker but how about a backstage tour of how you deliver the overall Londolozi magic. The people who run the kitchen, garden farm, vehicle maintenance, road construction, manage logistics, work in partnership with the villages, and where are the families of all these people. How about an interview with the Varty clan, from David and JV down to the great grandchildren. And what about Londolozi ‘s future direction/plans. Will there ever be a scheduled flight between Londolozi and Tiger Canyon? Those suggestions ought to give you some food for thought.

A beautiful TWIP! The Ndzanzeni male continues to look healthy and majestic whilst the cubs of the Ximungwe are growing by leaps and bounds. Let’s hope their grandmother, the Mashaba female can deliver another litter and raiythem to adulthood. Your Guineafowl photo is epic – expression, priceless!! Always look forward to waking up to another taste of the bush with the Londolozi blogs- especially Friday!!

Toss up for me between guineafowl & the elephant eye. Each captures one of the special moments that occur so many times during a visit.

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