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on Was The Lion King Set At Londolozi?

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Great comparisons Jemma. I agree as long as you are on holiday somewhere in Africa, anything is possible.

As a writer myself, let me tell you something; creative inspiration comes to us like a river flowing past our feet that had risen high in the mountains of a far-off land, a strange and misty Shangri-La, a mystic land that we can never find while we are earthbound here – however beautiful ‘here’ may be. JK Rowling said that she saw Harry Potter for the first time in London’s Underground. And Baroness Orczy saw the Scarlet Pimpernel on an Underground Station. He smiled at her through his lorgnette, bowed – and vanished. Arthur Conan Doyle writes about Sherlock Holmes practicing Neuro Linguistic Programming on an astounded Dr Watson – a hundred years before the technology was formally identified. East Africa, you say – where’s that?

I’m sure a lot of your guests, especially first time to Africa visitors from the US, speak fondly of this animated film and are thrilled when guides refer to “Pumba” and so on at sightings.
I have to say, however, that this film and the consequences have annoyed me for years. The depictions of hyenas, just to mention one thing, are false and stupid.
I can only hope that the professionalism of guides that I know and respect at Londolozi can tactfully set the story right when dealing with enamoured, naive guests?

Hi Cindy, I totally agree with you. I’m a big fan of the Lion King, however I can see how some characters are not true reflections of those in the wild. You might be interested in reading Ranger Kevin Power’s blog: The Lion King: Debunking Myths, here’s the link http://bit.ly/2FhNsyE

Thanks Jemma. I read the blog you linked to, and really liked it.

Hi Jemma. We love your post today….so much fun to see the comparisons. We do think “The Lion King” was inspired by Londolozi! Thank you for such a great story,….

Hi Roger and Gayle, thank you so much. I’m glad you agree with me, the Lion King could have been inspired by Londolozi. Your recent blog was wonderful too, thanks for sharing with all of us.

Imaginative blog, Jemma! I never realized that the film was such an inspiration for people to go on safari. We saw the trailer in a theater recently-and that little lion cub almost looks real! The new film should be exciting!

Senior Digital Ranger

Fantastic Jemma! You can see why the Hollywood Animators win their own special Oscar for such amazing observation, even if they muddle Kudus and Nyala (artistic license?) – Londolozi needs a few Oscars too!

Loved this blog…and I will definitely be heading to the cinemas in 4 months time to watch this movie!

Very clever indeed!!! And from our experience, no other place gives us a true a touch with the “Circle of Life” like what we see on safari at Londolozi! LOVE your creativity and comparisons with actual images from Londolozi!

Thanks so much Bob and Lucie, i’m so glad you enjoyed it. It was such fun finding images which matched the film.

At the time of the first film, a friend and I had a licence from Disney to produce fun rubber stamps of The Lion King. The artists who drew the characters were show real live animals to watch how they walk, how they behave so that their depictions could be accurate. It must be amazing to work for Disney! The stage show was super and the costumes were mind blowing. Thank you for your great picture likenesses to the film. The real is always the best.

Thank you Patricia. Thanks for sharing that info, they did a great job of depicting the animal movements in the film. Will be interesting to see how accurate the new rendition will be.

Creative blog Jemma! The comparisons of the live animals and Disney creations side by side does give rise to – “could it be?!”

Very convincing comparisons I’d say!!

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