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on Restoring Eden Begins with One Small Act of Kindness

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It is so true that we have only this one planet and now is the time to take care of it. We’ve got to go back to living a simple life. Stop using plastic. Go back to basics.

Thanks, Mardinda, we completely agree.

Interesting idea. Can’t wait to see what you’ll make using the eco-bricks!

We will keep you updated Mary Beth 🙂 I hope that you and Bob are well.

It saddens me to observe rampant disregard for our planet through the blatant refusal to follow recycling rules. Novel ideas such as Londolozi’s are another step in the right direction and it’s so easy!! Thank you for your blog. Have to run – time to recycle my coffee grounds….😘📷📷

Thanks so much, Denise. We feel that every small bit helps, and we have found that eco-bricking has been such a successful way of bringing the community together for a shared cause.

Master Tracker

Ah, the eco brick. Very commendable and when stuffed, surprisingly robust.

Yes, it’s amazing how sturdy it feels when it’s full, Ian. 🙂

We recycle everything our municipality will take, but recycling still takes a lot of energy and resources, so we try to reduce consumption instead. In the US our society seems absolutely addicted to bottled water (which is ridiculous to me given how advanced our systems are as a whole) and single use plastic grocery bags. Many years ago I got in the habit of carrying a tumbler with me everywhere. Even when I go out to lunch I bring it in the restaurant with me and fill it with water so I’m not using a plastic cup. I also bring reusable shopping totes anytime I shop, which seems like a cliche at this point, but so few people do it. Both are such small acts, but over several years has saved countless bags and cups from going into the trash or recycling.

Chelsea this is amazing – thank you for sharing your acts of kindness to the planet with us. While they might seem trivial we wholeheartedly believe that every small bit counts and that it can’t be about huge change all at once, it has to be the small daily actions that will begin to make great change. Thanks again for sharing, we appreciate it so much.

My family has been recycling our plastic through the eco-bricks intiative for almost a year now and I’ve been making sure we don’t throw any of our plastic away.

Amazing, Callum. Keep it up – every little bit helps.

We can now recycle nearly all our plastics where I live (Wiltshire, England – and they’re collected from our door). I’ve replaced my plastic water bottles I took to work with my new super-duper Londolozi flask, and for years I’ve taken my Londolozi tote bag when I go shopping (though the handles are wearing a bit thin!) On another note, have you ever looked at using bamboo for your clothing range? – it’s really eco-friendly. I’ve been buying clothes and sports/yoga wear for years from an English company (BAM clothing); they mix bamboo with a small amount of organic cotton and it’s super soft.

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