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on The Road to Happiness is But One Wild Encounter Away…

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Amanda this blog, the video is just “delicious”. I am following Londolozi on Instagram and those lovely posts, the Londolozi moments are just amazing. Delicious is such a wonderful word to describe what every moment and experience is, from when you are greeted in the car park, the beautiful room, the friendly butlers on the deck. The game drives, food, wine, the boma and the choir. The little moments that you experience. Delicious.

Thank you so much Marinda. I’m delighted that you find all the small moments delicious… it truly is a unique experience for everyone and we love hearing all the things that made your stay different.

This blog is nothing short of amazing! This morning I was WhatsApping a friend whose cats I am looking after while she finds new accommodation (can’t take them to live with her parents because they have a parrot…) My friend thought I was good with animals and I recounted a few of the wild encounters I’ve had. And after we’d finished chatting I sat back and I thought of the HAPPINESS those encounters had brought me – rescuing an owl that had entered my kitchen and was sitting on the floor with three cats gazing speculatively at it. The lack of fear in those enormous round eyes as I picked it up and the feel of feathers that felt like warm dry mist under my hands. A young kestrel in Table View that had landed on the ground and couldn’t take off again. A Red-winged starling trapped in a small waiting room in 2 Mil Hospital in Wynberg; when I opened the window he didn’t fly away -he perched on the window sill next to his frantic mate, looked me in the eye and for a full minute SANG to me. A tiny little pregnant bokkie who wandered over to me while I was picnicking under a tree at Rhodes Memorial and lay down confidingly by my side. A bachelor herd of fallow deer, also at Rhodes Memorial, shadows in the evening mist as I was running back down the long hill. They rose to their feet, the evening mist up to their knees and stared at me, calmly and without fear, looking like something out of a fairy tale. Then, after a few moments they sank back down again, and vanished. A giraffe that bent its head down to the window of my grandfather’s car while we were in the Huange Game Park in Zimbabwe. And graciously and delicately ate the Marie biscuits we offered it. They say that if you light a candle outside at night the length of time the candle is burning, multiplied by the speed of light, creates a line of light that never vanishes, even after the candle is extinguished, but travels through space forever. So it is with my memories – they weren’t just Brief Encounters – but eternal light in my memory.

Wow Sue, thank you so much for your comment. I’m so glad that this post sparked such wonderful memories for you. Thank you for sharing them with us.

The video was nice, but a tad too “foofy” and removed from the fantastic experiences I had while at Londolozi. Maybe some people require being surrounded in luxury no matter where they are, but I’d find that distracting from what I came to Londolozi for.

Hi Doug. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. Your feedback is very important to us, as it reminds us that every guest that comes to Londolozi visits for a different reason, and we are glad to be able to deliver a range of experiences that appeal to everyone. We would love to hear what you did enjoy about your visit, and what would keep you coming back to Londolozi. Thanks again for the feedback, and have a wonderful day!

My visit to Londolozi was initially to please my partner (it was his travel year); I thought I had seen enough of African wildlife on television at home, but once in Londolozi I was completely enthralled. I couldn’t believe how up close and personal we got with the animals and I shall never forget the game drives. Much of my fantastic experiences with the animals I owe to our Ranger Kevin and Tracker Ray who always seemed to know exactly where the most exciting observations lay. I would love to return one day even though it’s a long, long way from California. OK, the food and the lodging in Founder’s Camp were top notch, and admittedly played a great part in my delight with all of Londolozi.

Thanks so much for sharing that, Doug. I’m thrilled to hear that Kevin and Ray (very much ‘the dream team’) were able to get you into such amazing sightings and that you enjoyed the luxury of Founders Camp while you were here 😉 I hope that you and your partner will come back to visit your Londolozi Family sometime soon!

Everything about our Londolozi experience was delicious. As I am currently eating lunch while reading this, I am reminded of having dinner in the bush, under the stars, with the sounds of elephants nearby and lions roaring in the distance, next to people I felt I could be friends with forever.

Thank you so much for your comment, Chelsea. I’m so glad that your experience with us was so memorable.

Such a great video!!

Thanks Callum, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

What’s delicious about the Londolozi experience? There are so many moments and adventures that one could become over saturated, but the team insures that you are kept in balance. Welcome greetings, friendly bartenders and waitstaff, amazing meals, dining under the stars, drives into the unknown that yield surprises, and a commarderie among guests that nurtures the soul. Londolozi is delicious in every sense and I’m thrilled I was finally able to spend a few days, basking in the wildness, couplowith elegence.

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