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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Don’t Cut Off the Tail

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It happens to me all the time. I cut something off. Luckily we live in the digital age and it is not a total disaster as when we used film. Great tips.

Glad to know I’m not the only one who cuts off tails and other body parts when taking photos! I’ve done it a couple of times when paws/hooves are obscured in the long grass and I have taken a photo/series of photos only to notice that I have cut off where the paws/hooves would have been showing if it wasn’t for the long grass.

I frequently missed ear tips on closeups–until Trevor helped me out!

They all look good James. Will keep this in mind for next time. Thanks for the “tip”

I have to say, James, that although I agree with you on getting the whole leopard in the picture, they DO have awfully long tails, don’t they? Not always easy to get them in the pic. Wendy M

Haha this true Wendy; I’ve often underestimated how much the tail is going to lash out!

…and thereby hangs a tail (;

Good advice, James! And it’s consistent with your prior advice to backup and give some context to your shots. Thanks for the reminder.

I take your comments to heart and have been dismayed to see an ear, horn or tail lost in the frame. I guess the answer is to carry two cameras – for wide angle and another for zoom.

I meant to say, dismayed by my photo errors!!

My first Africa trip, I was so excited to capture everything I was seeing that all of my composition lessons went out the window. A week in the bush and 6000 photos later and I started to settle down a bit so by the time I got to Londolozi (saving the best for last, of course), I was a little happier with my shots. Still, a do-over is required (or at least that’s my excuse) so I’ll see you all in a few weeks! I’m as excited as the first time but again saving Londolozi as my last stop so hopefully by the time I get there, I’ll be settled in 🙂

Good for you, James, in your willingness to share your bloopers…ahem….photographic mistakes! We ALL have done that for countless reasons, but thanks for the reminder!

Master Tracker

I wouldn’t worry, I once had a drink 🥃 with a photographer who had won Wildlife Photographer Of The Year for his work with Wild 🐕 Dogs. His comment ( back in the days of Fuji Velvia) was that he only got one decent photo per roll.

Haha Ian I’ve heard the same thing from many great photographers; they say they knew they were really starting to nail it when they were getting 2 or three great photos from a sighting instead of only 1 or 2!

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