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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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on How Well do Hyenas Hear?

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Wow, fascinating reading! Hyenas really are underrated. We find them incredibly capable. Thanks for sharing, James.

You’re welcome Darlene.
Hyenas are amazing animals, and one of my favourites!

Incredible pics of the Impala taken by the hyena after dragged around by the leopard. As hyenas are actually related to cats I am not surprised that they have got very good hearing. My domestic cats know when I touch the can of food or the can opener or just open the cupboard door.

Never underestimate a hyena!

Interesting read. Pardon my ignorance, but is the hyena stronger than the Leopard? I’m curious to know why she didn’t fight the hyena for the prey ?

Hi AB.

Excellent question. In my estimation, an adult leopard and adult hyena of the same size are probably similarly matched in the strength department, but it is where their respective strengths are, and the lifestyle of the two animals that the difference lies.
Hyenas have incredibly powerful jaws, able to crush through large bones, and are able to inflict tremendous bites as a result. A leopard, being a solitary animal, can’t afford to get injured, as without anyone else hunting for it any seriously debilitating injury may well be fatal in the long term. This particular leopard is smaller than the hyena by a good 25kg I reckon, and a direct confrontation could have resulted in a serious injury. Far better for the leopard to give up its meal and try for another one later than take on the hyena and likely get hurt.
Does that help?
Best regards,

Thanks, yes.

Hyenas – truly predators of the prey mist often killed by others. Spent over an hour with a hyena who was tagging along with a small wild dog pack in the hopes of sharing or taking their kill, if they were lucky. They weren’t! The young impala got away!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow that was quite something! Thank you James & your pictures show it all – amazing! Yes don’t underestimate the “ugly” Hyena, they are very cunning 🙂

I always look forward to your texts and pictures.Skillfully taken pics and a very excellent text James.Good work.Keep them coming.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wonderful blog. I enjoy the blogs that illicit a lot of questions and in return we get your views on the animals and their behavior. I love Hyenas and think they are underappreciated.. But the spotted beauties are the ones that hold my heart. Thank You James!

Hi MJ,

Thanks for the comments!

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