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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on A Reawakening of the Senses: Sounds of Londolozi Part 2

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Senior Digital Ranger

drink lager n drink lager is more amusing than work harder !!!

Love this blog, Chris! I’m currently visiting Bahir Dar, Ethiopia at Lake Tana and felt at home hearing the call of the African Fish Eagle yesterday!

Love this post – with the sounds included.

I love listening to these sounds! It brings back memories of my safaris! I enjoyed your first post on sounds and this one as well. Terrific job, Chris, putting this together! Thank you!

I love to hear the sounds of Africa again! I can shut my eyes and forget about the snow and sub zero temperatures outside and imagine I’m there. Thanks so much.

Great sounds! I had a ring necked dove as a pet for 13 years and although she looked almost identical to the Cape Turtle Dove, her call was different. Not to anthropomorphize, but I wonder if they would understand each other if both were in the same room. Perhaps the calls are just different dialects, similar to the different accents of people who speak the same language. Or maybe they’re so different they wouldn’t recognize each other. I assume they’re all related species that have evolved with different calls across various locations.

The call of the Fish eagle must be one of the most beautiful sounds in the bush. Black backed jackal and Hyena are some of my favourites.

The varied sounds of the bush is often over looked except for a strong alarm directing the ranger on safari to a animal’s location. Good two part blog, Chris. By the way, my favorite raptor is our American Bald Eagle. Consequently it was of greater interest to me to learn that the African Fish Eagle throws it’s head back over the shoulder to call. Loved the image of that as well.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh my gosh I do love these bush sounds & bring back wonderful memories of being in the Kruger Park. My ultimate favorite is the Fish Eagle! Thank you Chris for this experience ? Keep them coming

Hello Chris,
Thank you for a wonderful part 2 of A Reawakening of the Senses: Sounds of Londolozi. I specially liked African Fish Eagle and Black-Backed Jackal. But they all have an importent role in creating the beautiful and magical sounds of the bush! Thank you for letting me remember the bush! Here in Sweden it is full winter and a lot of snow! Beautiful work you have done! Thank you!

I just loved this offering. Thank you for sharing the sounds of Africa. It is so comforting to hear the birds and animals that define your wonderful country. I would be interested in hearing more. Take care, Diane

Senior Digital Ranger

It is amazing how much the Black-backed Jackal sounds like a coyote! Also is there one African Fish Eagle calling, because its sounds overlap and sounds like it is sending out two notes at once, unless it is two birds? Fascinating!

Great posting! I can recall on the first full day of the first visit our tracker (Like) having us listen to squirrels as we prepared for our afternoon drive. He indicated we were going to track and ultimately find lions–which we did.

The hippo grunting is such a familiar sound.

Thank you so much for your part two. On a cold rainy day here in Northern California, it is somehow comforting to be reminded of the many calls heard within the bush during my visits to Southern Africa. Hippo sounds are alarming and magical at the same time- conjuring up visions of this mighty warrior partly submerged, ever ready to make itself present to whoever meanders into the territory.

How about the buzz of a swarm of African locusts, taking off into the night after being disturbed and the mewling of little cubs, when they’re hungry or play fighting…….sometimes on safari it is important to put the camera down, close your eyes and just listen!!??

Hearing a fish eagle in the bush is just priceless! I’m so lucky that I get to hear them calling now and again here in Cape Town!

Chris, I really liked the “calls of the wild”. We parked between 2 pair of mating lions, and then they both started roaring at each other

The distinct sounds and voices of each species is amazing. Thanks Chris.

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