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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on How Long Does it Take to Swallow an Agama?

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Wow! Amazing experience.

How long did it take?

Whoa, those were unbelievable photos. I couldn’t believe that little snake managed to swallow the agama. So fascinating and thanks for highlighting something different.

Hello James,
It is very intresting with snakes I’m not afraid of snakes but I have the greates respect especially when I’m in Africa. We play golf in many various countries and they are often out their in the bushes,
if you have done a bad shot then you might meet one of them, that’s is way it is prefereble to be a good golfer and stay on the fairway! ? We have played Leopard Creek some times, that is not so far from Londolozi, I think it must be one of the most spectacular golf courses in the world, to play there is extremely exciting, they have no bounderies against Kruger National Park, you can meet not just lovely south africans but also a more hungry sort! There you can find a lot of dangerus snakes but fortunately they are not so interested in golf! ? The only snake that we came across, that was out and about, at Londolozi when we were there was a Mozambique Spitting Cobra. Only my husband saw it, I sat unfortunatly on the other side in the jeep.
One of the snakes that I don’t want to meet is Black Mamba, they have a reputation to be aggressive and vindicate their territory (it sounds like humans ?). What are your impression of Black Mambas? Once I visit a Snake and crocodile center in South Africa they said that they have different caracters, some strike directly and some was more ”kind”. My second question is what should one do if you should meet a very dangerous snake? For me as a bushlover and golfer could be of greatest value to know!
Thank you for taking up an interesting subject! It is an reality for all bush lovers whether we like it or not.

Hi Ann,
Hmmm, mambas… an interesting one.
Most snakes (including mambas) will thankfully retreat first if you approach them, so if you see one it’s best to simply give them space. Seemingly unprovoked attacks are only ever likely if a snake is defending a nest or is startled and cornered. Although mambas are dangerous we (thankfully) usually only see them as a brief flash across the road as they quickly slither to safety. I think they’re amazing snakes but will try give them a wide berth if I can.
Best regards,

Wow! Since we have only visited in the winter, we have not encountered many reptiles. Found this very fascinating and need to learn more about the digestion process. Thank you!

James. A question regarding tree agamas. While digging in my garden this morning I found a tree agama nest with I estimate about 10 eggs. I unfortunately destroyed one. The eggs are still soft. I left it buried and covered it with soil. My question is, will the eggs still hatch as I have disturbed the nest?

Hi Marinda,
As far as I know, yes, they should still be fine.
Please keep us updated if you see little agamas running around!

Thank you James. Will definitely keep you updated.

Stellar images!! Incredible.

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