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Tamboti 4:3 Female

Tamboti 4:3 Female

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Anderson 4:4 Male

Anderson 4:4 Male

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Tatowa 3:3 Female

Tatowa 3:3 Female

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #313

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Wonderful images captured this week James. We had such a great time following and watching Tambotie and her cub. Love the brown snake eagle and the full moon.

Thanks Marinda.
That snake eagle kept taking off from beautiful dead knobthorns before we could get close enough for a shot, and we had to settle for him being in a marula in the end.

Beautiful photos! I am not really fond of snakes, but that is a terrific shot of that beautiful Eastern tiger snake! Thanks, James!

Hi Darlene. Thanks very much. It was a real treat seeing the snake in the open in the daylight, as I’ve only ever seen them a few times, and almost never in the day.

Incredible set of photos as usual James! I remember that photo you took of the snake eagle, and that fish eagle shot is just perfect!! And a brilliant sighting of the Nkoveni female and the warthog piglet kill!

Thanks Callum

Another week done and dusted, yet providing us with stellar photos. Beautiful shots of your leopards, especially the Tatowa female and the cub. Although I have an aversion to snakes, your photo is amazing. Thanks as always for the settings.

Thanks Denise,
The summer greens and light have been providing some beautiful photographic conditions!

And nice sighting of the Cape vulture!

Master Tracker

A vintage week , loved the Eastern Tiger snake picture, as well the poor warthog

Hi Ian,
Thanks very much. Shame, that warthog sighting was pretty dramatic with all the squealing. Fortunately one doesn’t have to listen to it with just a photo!

Like others, I’m not at all fond of snakes. However your image was very “striking” …. pun intended. Thanks James for another fascinating week shared from Londolozi.

You’re welcome Joanne, thanks for the comments!

Thank you for sharing your world with all of us. It helps us consider the connection we have to all things. It encourages empathy and compassion in thought, word and deed. There is nothing more powerful.

Thanks Diana!
I completely agree with your sentiments!

Great photos, James.Anderson really is enormous,he is much bigger than that hyena.

Hi Alex.
He is a REALLY big leopard!

The Anderson male looks a bit uncomfortable on that tree! And the snake’s expression is priceless! Love the image of Tamboti’s cub; last time we saw Tamboti (April), she was VERY pregnant! Great TWIP, James!

Thanks Mary Beth; she must have been just about to drop when you were last here!

Senior Digital Ranger

Stunning photo of the Tamboti Female – background light almost same colour as her amazing eyes.

Thanks Jennifer.
I was shooting with a 600mm lens for that one. If the subject is far enough from the background, you get a wonderful bokeh going!
Summer’s greens certainly add something special to photographs out here!

Senior Digital Ranger

Hi James. Is Ingrid Dam’s cub still fine as well? I saw them with Nick two weeks ago. He is so cute 🙂

Hi Alessandra. Yes, the cub is still doing very well and was seen a couple of days ago! Thanks, Amy

These photographs are so stunning. Such a grand idea to upload the photographs from one week!

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