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I am a retired lawyer from Arizona who loves nature, animals and birds. My wife, Linda, and I find Londolozi to be our favorite place on earth. The animals, setting and people make it a spiritual retreat for us.

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on Life Lessons From an Elephant

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Lovely blog Tom. It is so true, nature teach us many life lessons.

Oh how splendid! I too have learned so much from elephants and yearn to be with them. Thank you for sharing your love for them.

Read this to my family…very insightful and lessons for us to be mindful of in the bush and in life. Thank you!

What an awesome story about learning, I’m going to work on incorporating these into my everyday life. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Great post Tom. Thanks for sharing!

What a rare treat, Tom, to not only enjoy your writing talent but receive insightful and thought provoking life messages as well. Wildlife brings a plethora of learning lessons as they unfold before our eyes. Hopefully we have the eyes to not only see, but a open heart and mindfulness to receive. I can easily see why Londolozi has become a special haven for you and your wife. So my thanks for writing this very thoughtful blog. I’m also extending my thanks to James Tyrrell for his exceptional images that visually sealed the storyline perfectly.

Hello Tom,
Beautiful written! I agree one has a lot to learn from animals! Elephants are so impressive,
intelligent and have so many talents.
Fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing!

Love these elephants. Londolozi is my favorite place on earth also.

A wonderful blog Tom, highlighting the special traits of elephants. In viewing them over the years, I’ve come to believe that they are the kindest and wisest members of the mammals. I had the good fortune to spend 8 days with several elephant families whilst sitting on a small boat on the Chobe River in Elephant Bay, watching their dusty entrance led by the matriarchs into the cool water to drink and play, when not observing them in the forest of the Chobe National Park. There was a definite hierarchy but as you stated, each member moved at their own pace, eating, nuzzling one another, caring for the babies by stopping to nurse….. absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.

Beautifully written . . . if only it could be put on every person’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & all other social media feeds every day . . . I have no doubt that the world, and particularly the U.S. would be in a better place.

Fantastic storyline here! We learned so much from our first encounter with an elephant herd crossing a river. My strongest takeaway was the clear caring the females had for their young ones–allowing them to play, but staying close.

Some of my blessings: Elephants, Londolozi and its caring and talented people, and my wise and loving husband, Tom:-)

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