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California native, travel junkie, animal lover...... have traveled to Africa a half dozen times to fulfill my lust for observing animals in their natural habitat. Looking forward to spending some time at Londolozi in the near future.

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on I Left My Heart at Londolozi

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A lovely experience Denise. Love your images. They are stunning.

Thank you Marinda. Meeting and dining with you daughter was a highlight of my stay. She is so friendly and extremely knowledgeable about wine. I know as I worked for a winery for four years as director of the visitor center, executing the tours/tastings and special events in the Napa Valley, California. She’s a wonderful asset to the ethos of all Londolozi represents.

Thank you for your kind words Denise. We are very proud of her.

Nope. Sorry. I left my heart at Londolozi ( but there’s room for more than one there.) First visit in 1982 when we were expats in South Africa( left in 1985)…..
However….I have made five trips since 2010 from Honolulu….beating your travel time by about six hours (time it takes from Honolulu to LAX. Worth every single minute of travel!

Great narrative (sorry about the thorn attack!) and beautiful photos. I especially enjoyed the portrait of the Ndzanzeni young male – a real beauty! No wonder you’ve left your heart at Londolozi.

So happy for you, Denise, on your latest safari to Londolozi. Your blog caught my attention immediately when mentioning that you were a solo traveler to this renoun location. I will be too and often wondered if I might be “the third man out” as you say, but always supplanted that thought instantly with the fact that I am fulfilling a lifetime dream and it would be worth moments of aloneness. Londolozi’ standards are so high that I knew the staff would be more than top notch. But it’s within these unique situations that they prove it. I hope to gladly meet them all, especially James Tyrrell, who often blogs very thoughtfully and has a great sense of humor. Thanks Denise for sharing your happy experience and unique photographs. Independent world travelers share a kindred spirit with the roadmap of Londolozi firmly stamped on our hearts.

Beautiful words and pictures, I’ve been three times to Londolozi and am never disappointed .Cant wait to return , hoping to go for my 40th wedding anniversary in 2020!

Great job capturing the experience of those who have visited multiple times. Those who have never visited continue to wonder why we return. We find it difficult to respond to adequately describe the passion.

Excellent article Denise, your photos are stunning. Kylie’s talents in the photography studio are something that every guest should take advantage of. Change some of the names in your story and it could very well be a narrative of our time at Londolozi. Although neither my wife or I tangled with any of those nasty thorns! Sorry to hear about that “adventure”. Londolozi is such a magical place, I can’t wait for our return visit.

Senior Digital Ranger

What spectacular photos, can just imagine the thrill of it all and thanks so much for sharing them. ♥️

Dear Denise, a wonderful story and awesome pics! Thx for sharing here.
I identified very well with your comment about the “odd man ….” 😉 Also, I confess being superficial – I perfectly understand your Sauvignon Blanc experience. And yes, the Londolozi team is remarkable and unique; a great blessing to be there.
Nevertheless I wanted to express all the respect and thankfulness to the neighborhood – Lion Sands. The team around Ronnie hosted me perfectly well since they knew I could not find a space on Londolozi last time when I was visiting Sabi Sand area.
I now wish you and your family – which includes the Londolozi family! – a wonder filled year 2019 and all blessings! Karl

Karl, I enjoyed a fabulous 3 days at Sabi Sabi prior to Londolozi on this trip, where I watched and photographed my first black rhinos. The staff was equally friendly, caring and knowledgeable. I also love Singita where I have explored most nooks and crannies since 2000. This trip I chose to explore new places in Sabi Sand. Trust me, I’ll be back!!

Ma. Couru is so correct! It is the warm welcome one receives when you arrive at Londolozi that makes you know you are always welcomed back into the family, and by family I mean everyone who is part of Londolozi. It is a magical place. Victoria

What a beautifully written and touching story of your love for this place and all it encompasses. Thank you for allowing us to share in this personal love.

There must be a chalet at Londolozi where all the hearts are kept – yours, mine so many others!! Lovely images, Denise!

Hi Denise. WHAT a long and tedious trip for you to make to Londolozi! However I am sure absolutely worth it! You are very good behind a camera – excellent shots. Thank you so much. Wendy M

Hello Denise,
What a wonderful safari you had! I’m happy for you! What an adventure! Londolozi is a fantastic place! Beautiful photos!!
Thank you for sharing!

Awesome story, I have been reading the blogs every day for over a year now, I just love reading them and I have learned so much. One day I hope to visit SA, it will be my dream come true. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures.

Digital Ranger

Denise, Thank you for your post describing your awesome stay with the awesome staff at Londolozi. It invokes great memories and I love your photos. I especially love the zebra shot. Happy New Year to you and the Londolozi folks!

Denise, you hit it right on the nose. It is the people that makes Londolozi so unique. Like you, we have travelled to many parts of Africa to multiple lodges. There are none that match the experience at Londolozi!

Every time I leave a wild place, I feel as if I’ve left my heart there!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures & happy moments with us fellow bloggers. I hope you will be sharing lots more of your pictures & memories with us before your next trip? 🙂

I know exactly what you mean, Denise. I certainly left a piece of my heart the 1st time I came, and each time I return the bond becomes even stronger. Shamefully, I blub every time when I leave, even though I know I’ll be back! It truly is a magical place.

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