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on Then and Now: The Interwoven Fortunes of the Sand River and the Tsalala Pride

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Goosebumps Fin!

I, like many others, have had a on-going concern for the female Tsalala and her wellbeing as she has strived alone for so long. Relieved she was successfully hunting….glad she was instinctively mating….I cheer each piece of news as a indicator that she will make it. Without painting too much human emotion over the situation, I know that lions have a strong sense of family, are affectionate and social. For those very reasons the image of Tsalala alone in the Sand River is hauntingly sad. We all wish for the best. Only time will tell.

Digital Ranger

It makes me extremely happy that the last Tsalala female has been mating with the B Boys, and I hope that she is expecting a litter. It does break my heart to see her all alone and with the changing seasons that could all change for her. I hope she continues to do well until she has a litter of her own and the Tsalala Pride can start to rebuild.

It is lovely to look back and remember what was, but it is just as good to look forward to new beginnings.

Fin, That is a great story but sad. We have enjoyed the Tsalala’s for years, but know that there is constant change in the wild!

Fin, beautiful story of the Tsalala female. We had the good fortune to follow her story while there a couple of weeks ago, and as Freddy says, “she’s very brave.” Will look forward to more info on this beautiful, and brave, lioness. Thank you.

Hello Fin!
So good written! Beautiful photos!
I hope that the lioness will be able to create a new era of the Tsalala Pride. It is wounderful news that she was seeking out one of the Birmingham males to mate with and that she has been viewed with a couple of these males on a nummer of occasions. I hope she is pregnant and can start an new era with these males and that she will be very successful with hunting and have a lot of water!

Master Tracker

Keeping fingers crossed for this lioness

Senior Digital Ranger

I hope that she get cubs.

Fin, the current remaining Tsalala lioness isn’t the one who was with the Tailed lioness last year. She is the one who was taken away with her three brothers by their aunt, the Tailless Lioness. The Tailed Lioness was her mother. The lioness you mention with the Tailed Lioness is no longer alive. She and a sub-adult disappeared sometime last year

Hi Michael,

That’s my fault for putting that in; I mixed it up when discussing the post with Fin. Apologies, and well spotted.
The Sand River played such a major role in the saga of both sides of that Tsalala split though that it makes little difference to the story.
Best regards,

Great blog Fin. Everyday is a new present!!

She is my hero. Godspeed to her and her future.

I am certain that the Tsalala Pride will be reborn again!

Fingers crossed!

It is unusually dry up in the Lowveld at the moment, hopefully that will have changed by the New Year.

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