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on New York to Londolozi for Lunch

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We were really impressed with SAA when we visited in March/April. They are very generous with meal plans compared to US domestic flights. The crews were all very friendly, which was nice, too. We flew JFK to ORT, but first had to get to JFK. Now that we’re familiar with the trip it’ll be much easier the second time around (and we’ll go straight to Londolozi without visiting Cape Town first). I was surprised our transatlantic flight didn’t have receptacles to charge devices, but we made it without losing power so that was a relief. Now we know it can be done. 🙂

We’ve taken the JFK – JNB SAA flight at least three times and always recommend it to others. We have to fly cross country from SanFrancisco first, but we stay overnight near JFK; the 11:15 am takeoff time leaves plenty of time to grab the hotel shuttle back to the terminal. In fact, I’m ready to leave again right now!

My partner and I flew Emirates, San Francisco to Dubai, then Dubai to Capetown where we wished to spend a few days. Then, Capetown to Skukuza on SAA, where we were met by Ranger Kevin and Tracker Ray for a Land Rover ride through the veldt to Londolozi, arriving at lunch time.
After Londolozi, we went to Vic Falls in Zimbabwe, which was sort of a letdown after the fabulous timewe had in Londolozi. From Vic Falls, we flew SAA to Johannisberg for our Emirates flight to Dubai and San Francisco.
(Parenthetically, Dubai has an outstanding business class lounge.).

We gladly fly from San Francisco to South Africa once a year. Knowing what awaits us makes the almost endless trip worthwhile. Having been to Pioneer twice & Founders twice, can’t wait to return!?????‍♀️

We also enjoyed our initial trip to Johannesburg on SAA from JFK and are doing it again in July. Great experience and the “vacation” begins long before you arrive!

That’s all well and good but am battling to see the point

Hi Mark,
The point of what? The post or visiting Africa from New York?

Best regards,

This made me smile, Dave, being quite familiar with such a journey albeit from Hong Kong. Nothing quite beats the jet lag like the 9:30 call at the gate to board the Skukuza flight!! All the best for the holidays and new year.

Hi Al,
Yip, that pre-bush adrenaline spike is all you need to wake you up properly! Hope you never fall asleep in the terminal and miss it!

Looking forward to having you back!

Travel time from Hawai’i to Londolozi is about 40 hours. First leg: Honolulu to Los Angeles. Then pick up Emirates to Dubai (a layover here) and another Emirates to Joburg. Then pick up by Fed Air and on to Londolozi airstrip. My favorite trip in the entire world. Going home to Londolozi.

Dave, Love how easy you make it sound! We agree, it’s easier than most people think. We fly from Sarasota to Atlanta first, and then take a direct flightfrom Atlanta to Johannesburg on Delta. It’s usually around 14 hours, which relates to a couple of movies, dinner, a couple of glasses of wine, a nice rest (maybe a little breafast movie) and we are there! You are right, all the Airlink flights make it so easy to get around ZA now. Can’t wait to do it again next July!

My friend, it is even more convenient from Munich, Germany. It just takes 15h …. without even a time shift. So, you can do it over a nice longer week end. Enjoyed it a couple of times.

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