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Rob joined the Londolozi team at the start of 2017. Having grown up on a farm in the Cape and spending many holidays traveling Southern Africa he developed a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the natural world. After completing a ...

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on Delight is in the Diversity

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It is amazing how much happen around a waterhole. The best is the peaceful feeling when you just sit still and observe what goes on around you.

I really appreciate a guide who can say “let’s stop and listen to the Bush”. If all you are going to do is race around hoping that something jumps out in front of you, you are not experiencing a real safari experience. Nature is miraculous, but don’t get in a hurry or you miss the important things. Great example here, Rob. By stopping, you saw all kinds of creatures and behaviors because you gave yourself the time to really ‘sense the Bush, the sights, the sounds, even the smells’. Love it!

This is a nice blog Rob. You are right about sitting quietly and watching what is around you. We are usually in too much of a hurry to see the big stuff and miss the amazing smaller facets that make nature whole. You have some beautiful birds in Africa and you sure were lucky to see so many in one spot. Thank you for sharing with us.

Nice blog, Rob! You made me want to be sitting at that waterhole with you and your guests watching that amazing variety of life!

I love this post!! It’s fantastic to watch what appears if you just sit by some water and wait. It doesn’t always deliver, but when it does…!

Great that you saw firefinches, a slender mongoose and BH kingfishers all together!

It would be lovely if patience could be dispensed like a cup of coffee, tea or other beverage prior to a game drive. Need I say more…..?

Rob, nice compliment to Fin’s article, sometimes it’s the smaller things in life that bring us the greatest pleasure! Jo Ann still giggles at the thought of the go away bird’s hilarious call.

Great post, Rib. Thanks for the reminder that small things in the bush are worth watching. Aloha.

Thank you, Rob, not only for this great post but also for the several times you paused at special places and waited for wonderful things to happen during our rides with you.

Rob – you know how I love the birds. Thank you for this beautiful tribute

Best mindful advice ever. Thanks for the reminder Rob

Lovely to see my favourite “Powder Ruffs” and I hope you can show me some
Blue Wax-bills when I visit in November – Like tried to kid me that they were flying past but I would rather see them on the ground!!!
I have to agree with Darlene and we would also love to be on “Listening to the Bush” Drive. I was in the KP once and we stropped watching some birds – drivers stopped to ask what we could see and when I answered they drove off.!!

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