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Kaxane 3:3 Male

Kaxane 3:3 Male

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Fin Lawlor

Londolozi Ranger

Fin grew up in Johannesburg and began guiding in 2010. He has guided across South Africa, East Africa and the Amazon jungle in Brazil. Fin's primary interests are birds, tracking and developing a passion for photography.

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on Why Sitting And Waiting Can Be Far Better Than Seeking In Haste

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Visiting Londolozi for the twelve time a few weeks ago I eventually realized that it is not about chasing around, trying to get hundreds of photos of every animal, it is all about enjoying each special moment. Enjoying nature. Enjoying the peace and quiet. It is special moments. It is all about patience. It is about waiting and if it is meant to be nature will give you something special.

“Good things come to those who wait”. Great article Fin, hello to T!

Your words are so true Fin. Chasing around through the bush often yields nothing but a few sightings of birds and animals far away. To park near a waterhole is an excellent vantage point as water is a necessary element in all of animals’ lives. Well expressed!!

Good advice! Look what came your way! During dry season, that was certainly a logical choice and it did not disappoint. I think first time safari goers definitely want to dash here and there searching, but if you have been blessed to be on safari several times, you get a different perspective. Sometimes just closing your eyes and listening to the ‘sounds of the bush’ is a real treat and can lead to a better understanding of the Bush. Loved the photo of the leopard and the rhinos!

Master Tracker

I did this when I had a Land Rover to myself with Andrea Campbell , we waited by the causeway and were rewarded with kingfishers courting and hunting. A fantastic morning and one of the best game drives of my life

Senior Digital Ranger

Yes I totally agree with your sitting at a waterhole. I love doing that with a thermos full of tea, a rusk. Just wait & you will be richly rewarded as you & your guests were. Thank you Fin & your pictures are stunning

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