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Mary Beth Wheeler

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Bob and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area where we enjoy boating, hiking, photography and travel. After many trips to Eastern and Southern Africa, we are pleased to call Londolozi our 'African home!'

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on The Magic of a Cheetah Family in the Golden Hour

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Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

Amazing sightings of the cheetah Mary Beth. Stunning pics. We were forrunate to view the mother and cubs on our first game drive last week. Got lovely pics. Unfortunately the mother had an injury to her eye. Jerry has got eyes like an eagle. Many years ago he spotted a cheetah when he was our tracker, that we thought was impossible to see. He deserves the title of master cheetah spotter.

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

He sure does, Marinda! He tracked the family during that afternoon drive then actually spotted them that early morning! He’s amazing!

Darlene Knott
Senior Digital Ranger

We have seen these cheetah too and loved watching them. It is a rare privilege to see them in the wild. Loved your story and your enthusiasm. You and your husband sound a lot like us, except we are in Tennessee. We both love hiking and photography. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

Thanks, Darlene!

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

What a fabulous adventure you had Two sightings in two days, taking advantage of both the golden hours. What camera/lens were you using.? You had some nice tight shots.
I’m hoping they’ll still be around in November. I’ll be there for Thanksgiving during my three days there. Countdown is on……

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

I’m excited for you, Denise! Wish I was on my way back soon! I use a Canon 7D with either a 100-400 mm or 70-200 mm/f2.8e Canon lenses.

Joanne Wadsworth Kelley
Digital Tracker

Glad you were able to capture so many excellent images of this cheetah family and create another lifetime memory at Londolozi! Also very glad you were able to capture images of the mother while both eyes were unaffected. What a trip!

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

A fabulous trip…and the next one is booked!

Callum Evans
Guest contributor

Pure magic!

Abraham Farrell
Digital Ranger

Can you say if the moms eye injury has healed?

Mary Beth Wheeler
Guest contributor

Perhaps James has a current update…

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