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on Injury to Female Cheetah’s Eye

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This may be her new norm. And you’re right, we can’t give a prognosis…..only wish her well. I am glad that at least there is plenty of hunting opportunities that will give her time time to either adjust or heal.

I do hope she recovers with two cubs to provide for. Life is tough out in the bush.

Master Tracker

Let us hope she makes a full or partial recovery.

Sorry to hear about the injured eye of the female cheetah, but as you have stated before, animals in the wild are more resilient than we might think. Even if she were to lose this eye, their eyesight is so keen a single working eye would not hinder her in catching prey. Hopefully she’ll stay around Londolozi for awhile so that you can track her progress.

Hi James. Our Siamese cat, Beatle, was born in England in the Mersey area – and came out with us to S.A. We were going back home, but he had hardly seen a tree! We didn’t think he would survive too well. We bought a house in Robindale which was, then, bush and thorn trees. Before I had done anything to civilize the garden, it was pretty wild. He killed and brought to me 11 snakes. Some in pieces under my dressing table. However – one day he was bitten on the face and looked as if he had mumps on one side and his eye looked a bit like your cheetah’s. However we took him to our vet and the lump went down and the eye was fine. As you say, cats are survivors of note! Wendy M

W saw her with the cubs by the airstrip this morning, but didn’t realise she had an injury to her eye though. But we did see that she had an old injury to her right side . Maybe connected?

Hi Sarah,
It’s certainly possible. The trio haven’t been on Londolozi for a good few weeks so we don’t know too much about their recent history…

Let’s hope they stay a while . They look like they need a good meal, but mother didn’t look interested in hunting this morning. The wound had opened up a little on her side too. Fingers crossed she will be OK

I am hoping to see this cheetah when we return in October

Senior Digital Ranger

Cats (and some other animals) have what is called a third eyelid or actually a nictitating membrane, which when they are sick or have an eye injury will come across like this to protect the eye. It is white or pink. Hopefully this is the case with her 🙂

Hi Johanna,
Yes, that was what was wrong with the leopard I mentioned in the post. It’s hard to see the full extent of the injury on this female as she doesn’t open her eye too wide, but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

We had an amazing sighting of the female and her two cubs yesterday afternoon. They walked right passed our vechile. We had lions and leopards walk passed before but this is the first time for cheetah. She looked very skinny. The eye was half closed, so I could not see clearly how bad the injury is.

Depth perception troubles??

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