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on The Greatest Photographic Lie

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Sometimes you’ve just get to take the photo even if it is into the sun. And some of those images actually look amazing.

Infuriatingly, I have been told this every time I go to take a picture towards the sun. Thank you for showing the beauty that can be captured disregarding this rule. I love every picture, but my favorite is the Dudley female as well. As a sun worshipper- I want a copy of every one of these!

Great photos – very atmospheric. I particularly like the wild dogs trotting down the path and the giraffe reaching up to the knob thorn tree.

On a slightly different subject – today on the UK’s Daily Telegraph web site Innocent Ngwenya’s story is recounted –
I remember that this was on the blog several months ago but it is still inspirational and great to see it in mainstream UK press.

Great subject matter James. I have found shooting into the sun to be quite challenging as one has to throw many rules out the window, so to speak. That said, every now and then I manage to shoot something that works. Questions- when you say you sometimes expose one or two stops under, are you talking about the exposure composition, or for Canon, ev? Because you never know what might appear, are you normally shooting in aperture priority with auto iso? I tend to shoot in manual, and don’t use auto iso, but then it’s mostly landscapes. I’m really looking forward to my trip in November, knowing there will be surprises when least expected.

I’d love to get a quarter for every time a beginner is told to not shoot into the sun. Not! Know your camera well, experiment and look for that special light. Light and dust mix well together for an special effect as well. The Dudley female image made me actually gasp. Excellent capture, James!!! WOW!!

You’ve sure exposed that lie!

Thoughtful blog, James. Just this evening I had the chance to photograph a butte in Canyonlands National Park, Utah – into the sunset. Having read the blog earlier in the day, I went for it and am pleased with the result (after many tries!). Thanks!

I used to believe that lie for a while too, until I started really reading about photography and seeing what other photographers had captured! I’ve since experimented with it myself.

How can I buy these beautiful photos? I need them.

Hi Loriann,

Most will be available shortly on our Fine Art Website.

Best regards,


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