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on Why Lion Prides are Like the Starks of Winterfell

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Maybe the unscripted similarity to some of the great fantasy epics is is why I can’t get enough of the Londolozi Song of Ice and Fire! Explains a lot! By the way if you haven’t had a look at the books then you should really check out what the fuss is about there too.

This made me smile. Interesting take on lions vs a television series. I guess out in the bush daily life is like a soap opera.

I have never seen a Game of Thrones episode as of today but since my initial visit to Londolozi I admit I too read the blog everyday to see the events of each pride of lions and leopards. I find myself both cheering and saddened by what occurs on seemingly a daily basis. My daily fix is this blog. I appreciate you and all the other contributors keeping it going. Thanks to all of you

Hi Andrew and Daniel,

Thanks for the Kind words!

Best regards

Digital Ranger

Check out “The Savage Kingdom.” It is the best documentary / docudrama Nat Geo has ever done. And I believe it is every bit as good as game of thrones. If I could choose between another season of GoT or Savage, I’d pick savage.

James I believe that the similarities you paint between great stories in both real life and on film is, in the words of Joseph Campbell, “Mythology relating found truth to the living of a life”. The more we can interpret and tell these stories to relate the many truths that are part of the human experience, the greater our awareness will be towards all species and indeed our own humanity.

Profound, Rich!
I agree completely.

A GOT fan, I found your thought process and comparisons between lions and the Starks interesting. I was hooked from the first episode to the twists and turns of the various families in this famous series as I’ve been reading the daily blogs from Londolozi. Will the young Tsalala female make it on her own, what if the Anderson male goes blind and have the Birmingham males reigned supreme?? There’s stories and drama everywhere, though not scripted within your realm. So looking forward to experiencing some of the Londolozi story in November

Master Tracker

That’s alright, my next hotel break is hosted by a family who hosted the original Red Wedding . Back many centuries ago,

Master Tracker

Ramsey Bolton and his proclivity for infanticide would match any dominant male lion

If the Dark Maned Majingilane rises from the dead, I’ll agree to fly one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons!! Your analogies made me laugh, James, although with further thought I could see your point! Fun!

I love the comparison you’ve made, James. There is drama whether in fictional acting or the daily life in the African bush. Of course if a animal we follow actually dies, we mourn or cheer when they heal. They are flesh and blood. I make it no secret that I enjoy the blog and all the various activities within Londolozi. You teach well.

Digital Ranger

Will the Tsalala lioness be able to have cubs?

I hope she will not have a similar fate like the lonely Sandy Patch in the northern part of Sabi Sand.

She lived in exile, returned to her homeland, the last of her family (a great one) and with battles ahead. Will she be able to leave descendants?
Tsalala lioness or Daenerys Targaryen

I don’t know too much about Game of Thrones, but great comparison andI can imagine it’s more true than I realise!

This is a great comparison! Sharing this article.

As a GOT fan, I could absolutely “see” the drama and relate completely. I do think though that the Lions of Londolozi may be even more enthralling, as Alan and I follow the blog with bated breath between each visit!

Digital Ranger

Great idea. This has actually already come to fruition with the creation of the two season series called savage kingdom. It’s an amazing dram.

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