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Tamboti 4:3 Female

Tamboti 4:3 Female

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on A Final Goodbye to the Tamboti Female

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Beautiful images and memories of the Tamboti female. We were fortunate to view her a few times. The best memory is last December with her young cub. She will always be remembered.

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful animal. We pored over the photos. They were all so interesting. Those little cubs peeking out was adorable! Thanks so much for this tribute!

James, a fine tribute. The Tamboti female seemed like a special member of the family at Londolozi. I am sure all who knew her and saw her through the these photographs and on a first hand regular basis has paused and smiled through their sadness at the wonder of her skills as a hunter and a mother. Such an amazing Leopard. Thank you for sharing this with us. My thoughts are with the staff at Londolozi. I am certain no one was ready to come to grips with this reality, even though you knew the inevitability after witnessing her injuries. All who were graced to see her are touched. Thank you again for this tribute of this legacy Leopard. We will miss her

Fitst leopard we saw on our 1st visit in 2013. Only realized the significance and story line after subsequent visits. Thanks for deepening the understanding–which I did not appreciate in 2013.

A lovely tribute to my favorite Londolozi lady. I have a photograph of her that will always remind us not only of her beauty but also of our stellar times with your team. RIP

A beautiful pictorial tribute to a magnificent leopard. The first and last photos are brilliant in their content and composition. It’s what we photographers dream to capture. Let’s hope for some little ones to be spotted come November!??

Thank you, Tamboti lives forever on our living room wall, our bedroom wall & the guest room!

She was the first leopard we saw when we visited in April. I am sad we will no longer be able to follow her, but I look forward to updates about her surviving cub as time goes on.

Oh dear, we will miss her sorely. She was a lovely leopard……….
I really have to thank you for making these lovely blogs on the animals. I am probably no longer able to go to SA or anywhere near, so you are my lifeline. Thank you!!

You’re welcome Irene!

So many lovely memories of hours with Tamboti! The last time we saw her she was heavily pregnant and appeared to be very uncomfortable, lying in the grass and shifting her body frequently as though trying to find a comfy position. She graces a wall of my home and will always be remembered!

Thanks James for a wonderful tribute to a magnificent leopard that we had the privilege of viewing on a number of visits and especially this year in March with her cub

Excellent tribute, James, with so many beautiful images of this exquiste leopard. She will be missed, but never forgotten.

What a wonderful tribute to an amazing leopardess over so many years.

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful tribute to a gorgeous animal. I know her spirit will always live on at Londolozi.

A fitting tribute t0 an amazing individual! Those are some of my favourite leopard photos too (especially her carrying her cub, sitting in the dead tree and her with the Camp Pan and Tu Tones Male)!

My heart aches so much reading this tribute and seeing the magnificent sightings of this beautiful leopard over the years. I am sure on one of my very many visits I was privileged to see her. You write so beautifully and have given her the farewell she deserved. Nature can be both cruel and kind and it’s sad that she met her fate this way.

Hi Jody,
Thanks so much. While it’s sad to lose a familiar face, the beauty of the bush is that the cycle simply goes on…

Thanks James. Sad to see another legend go. Confirm she was the last remaining offspring of the Ngoboswan Female AKA Sunset Bend Female?

Hi Gary,
Now that you mention it, she was. The Vomba and Xidulu AKA Kikilezi females were the other two that died in the last few years…
Best regards

Beautiful pictures and a wonderful story of Tamboti. Saw her a few times , special kind of leopard.

Senior Digital Ranger

James..this is an old post but just now seeing it. Enjoyed the history of the Tamboti female, but most interested in the photography…excellent stuff..particularily the B/W. Jim

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