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Tamboti 4:3 Female

Tamboti 4:3 Female

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The First Hint of Summer

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I am a summer person and although it get very hot here in the Lowveld I still love it. The Lowveld is nagical in summer. We can realy not complain about the winter as it is really very mild compared to elsewhere on the planet. A few cold days but mostly sunmy and clear skies. I do agree that the animals take the change of seasons in their stride. It is just the humans that complain about the heat or the cold. It is realy just nature.

Really enjoyed your post, James, about the approaching summer and the changing seasons…especially as we are due to be in the bush again in a month.

Sadly not at Londolozi, as we were just there in May, and before that, in November ‘17. We enjoyed the contrasting weather and landscapes on those two visits, and of course the wonderful Londolozi hospitality, which is always warm, no matter what the weather is doing!
We are already planning our third visit to Londolozi to celebrate a special birthday next year.

Brilliant Melanie! Look forward to having you back!

I also am a fan of the Maryland Jam. Again, I so appreciate your insight into the coming months. We return in October.

That should have said Marula Jam

Great to hear it Joan. The Marulas won’t be fruiting then unfortunately, but if you can return again in January or February…?

Summer. My favorite is summer. I need multi-layers of clothing for winter drives. Can’t operate my camera with thick gloves?. I long to spend a wedding anniversary at Londolozi (July 27, 1981-married in Evander) I know that I would not be a happy guest…even at Londolozi.

Hi Judy. Haha I think you just need some more effective gloves…! 😉

Oh, I think it may be a simple “day as you go” for wildlife in Londolozi. It’s the humans that need more or less of the seasonal trappings: layers, ponchos, hats, etc. The one constant for us regardless of season: the camera. The animals are still simply licking their chops for the next meal, no matter the time or season!

Hi Joanne,

Agreed 🙂

I love summer in the bushveld! It may be hot, but the colours, the birds and the new life outweigh that by a huge amount!!

Have the woodland kingfishers arrived yet?

Hi Callum,
No, they usually only arrive in mid-November…

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