At Londolozi we believe that one of the greatest ways to discover and connect with people is through food.

Watching how elephants were taking advantage of the heavily laden Marula trees, we were inspired to follow suit in our own ‘Field to Fork’ movement, using the wilderness’ freshest organic produce. The result being this video on how to make Marula Jam using Mama Connie’s Shangaan wisdom.

Jam is a relatively easy thing to make and so even for the most clumsy of chefs, we had fun. While the fruit bubbled away, Connie shared recipes with us handed down from her mother and grandmother and it was a beautiful way to connect more deeply with her about her culture and life.

I often watch herds of elephants and appreciate their strong sisterhood bonds. Related females of various ages live together, raise young, share food and water, watch out for each other’s safety and interact lovingly. The experience of getting to know Mama Connie through this process reminded me of this. It seems to me that when women band together to share stories and create, beautiful things happen.

In this situation, the results are particularly delicious.

So with that, enjoy this little bit of African sweetness…

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Amy has a rich field-guiding history, having spent time at both Phinda and Ngala Game Reserves. This diversity of past guiding locations brought her an intimate understanding of different biomes across South Africa, and she immediately began making a name for herself as ...

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on The Sweet Art of Making Marula Jam

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Ann Seagle

Loved the video. Such fun to see u and hear ur voice again.


Nice blog Amy and so nice that you are learning the customs of Mama Connie. It is great that she can hand down some of her recipes and methods that were taught to her by both her Mother and Grandmother. Lovely lady and her marula jam looked wonderful.

Amanda Ritchie

I love this video, Ams! Heritage and the lessons we learn from our past become our essence, and so it’s wonderful to learn some of Mamma Connie’s essence and see her pass that down to you and Andrea. Thank you for sharing!


Ams and Ands, I just love this video. It is so well put together, such fun and just so indicative of the Londolozi Culture – community, teaching, love, sharing, friendship… and all amidst the beautiful surrounds. All these things I miss so much. Thank you for sharing <3

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