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Born in Cape Town, Alex grew up on a family wine estate in Stellenbosch. Spending much of his young life outdoors, Alex went on many a holiday into Southern Africa’s national parks and wild areas. After finishing high school, he completed a number ...

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on Hyenas: A Different Perspective

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Couldn’t have put it better myself! Hyenas are actually some of my favourite animals and I always enjoy seeing them and listening to them whooping at night!

Hyenas are incredible animals and play such an important role in the bush. It is a wonderful experience to sit at a hyena den and watch the interaction of the different clan members.

Master Tracker

The hyena den I saw at Londolozi was one of the highlights of my seven night stay, those cubs were so sweet looking. What amazed me was how relaxed the parent hyenas were with the Land Rover

Very interesting! We love sitting and watching the cubs as they explore! Sometimes their interest in the vehicle is downright amusing! ? Terrific article and so very true! Thanks, Alex, for setting the record straight!

On our first day of our first ever drive we encountered hyenas waiting under a tree as a leopard guarded its kill and fed its cubs. They were terrifying as they snarled and walked around the vehicle. Years later after a few visits we encountered our first hyena den and could not believe how “cute” and playful the cubs were. Two of the smallest approached the vehicle and licked the tires. The hyena “family” experience was memorable.

I think hyena pups bring a smile to most guests’ faces, yet the adults are seen as menacing and conniving. As you so aptly stated, hyenas serve an important role in the bush that can’t be denied. I have great memories of watching the interaction of several weeks old pups cavorting outside their den. It does really remind one that they have a strong family unit just like all the other species. Good reporting!

You’re right, Alex: I’m always amazed at the negative reactions I get to my hyena photos and so many people mention The Lion King! Like you, I have always found them fascinating and the cubs irresistible! Nice ‘tribute’ blog and pics!

Certainly under appreciated, but so necessary to the health of the bush. The images of the Cubs were superb. The blog was jammed packed with good information! Thanks, Alex!

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved this “different perspective”. Cubs are adorable and being 6 feet tall I appreciate a world where being a larger female is normal!

when people see this kind of dog they think so bad about it . but infact the wild dog is the same as the normal do it just they did live in the wild so we should stop thinking bad about this dog breed. i really like the wild dogs and i wish i could have one as pet .

I absolutely adore hyaenas! I also think they are one of only a few creatures that bathes, having seen them on so many occasions immersing themselves in water, especially after feeding. Any thoughts on that?

Great article!!
A long time ago I was educated about the important role of vultures and hyenas in the ecosystem. Since then I try to pass on that information to other people. When I show them a picture of a hyena cub I took in Kenya they always melt and tell me that they have a new perspective of both hyenas and vultures now they know how important they are to the survival of other species.

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