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on Tsalala Lioness is Alive and Well

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Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

It is actually sad that she is walking around alone. Wonderful that she caught the wildebeest cow. She did it once, hopefully she can do it again. She must be quite strong to kill a wildebeest on her own. It must be heart wrenching to hear her call, probably for her pride. I know we must not assign human emotions to the animals but what I have have obsereved with my domestic cats is that when one passed away the others looked for them and called.

Joanne Wadsworth Kelley
Master Tracker

Wishing her the very best. Glad for the kill, but it’s a daily challenge for food and a uphill battle. I feel sorry that she must face those challenges alone.

Ian Hall
Master Tracker

Good story, perhaps worth reminding ourselves that the most famous lion of all time Elsa was a single female who managed to find a pride willing to take her.

Michael and Terri Klauber
Master Tracker

Pete, Thanks for the wonderful update! We are excited that she is alive and well! We remember, on our last visit, seeing her being taught by her mother to try to ambush a herd of Impala (unsuccessfully) and are happy to hear she is a successful hunter now!

Andrew and Daniel Bolnick
Digital Tracker

This is great news. I was awaiting the eulogy to be written. A real survivor with hunting skills well learned. The legacy of the last remaining the Tsalala lioness continues. Thanks Pete

Deana Amendolia

This is great news, although it is a worry she is alone. Any chance she will be accepted by another pride, her relatives?

Pete Thorpe
Alumni Ranger

Hi Deana,

It is rare for lions to accept others into their pride, however it has happened in the past, so one just never knows what may happen. Only time will tell!

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Hooray! So happy to hear she is okay and managed to make a substantial kill. Hoping her future remains bright……

Wendy Macnicol
Digital Tracker

Thanks, Pete. One has to admire this Tsalala lioness. Do you think there is any chance she would be able to join up with any of the prides? Wendy M

Pete Thorpe
Alumni Ranger

Hi Wendy,

It is rare for unrelated lions to be accepted into another pride. So it seems unlikely. However who knows what will happen to the single lioness with her eight brothers, known as the Mungheni sub-adults, once the males disperse? We will see what happens in time.

Dawn Phillips

I have goosebumps and can’t quit smiling! Thank you so much for this wonderful news. Be well young one.

Malavika Gupta
Senior Digital Ranger

Poor lioness. How old is she? Is it likely she will be stay in the area and be adopted by a local pride or would a lioness in her position be best of leaving the area in search of a new pride?

Pete Thorpe
Alumni Ranger

Hi Malavika,

She is 5 years old. See my above responses regarding the chances of her finding a pride.


Andrea Mc Donagh

Great news …lets hope she finds some male lions to help protect her.

Mary Beth Wheeler
Master Tracker

Good news, Pete! I’m cheering for her!

Iren Juppa
Digital Ranger

Thank you very much for the new information. Iren

Mj Bradley
Senior Digital Ranger

Great News! I hope she continues to do well and beats the odds. We may have a Tsalala Pride back in the future!!

Susan Strauss
Digital Tracker

Awww, sooo happy!


This is an awesome account of what is happening to a particular lioness. I hope she does well and maybe this is a beginning of a new pride. It’s hard not to root for the underdog. Thank you for the insight Mr. Thorpe! I can’t wait for more updates.

Bev Maile

Very happy the Tsalala lioness made a kill. Hopefully she will find another pride

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