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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Hosana 3:3 Male

Hosana 3:3 Male

Spotted this leopard?
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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on The Week in Pictures #342

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Stunning pic of the collared sunbird. Love the lions this week.

Great photos Jamo. I love the sunbird, they are just everywhere at the moment!

James, Thanks for another great week of pictures. Each day I look forward to the Blog. Though it has been 9 months since our visit (seems like yesterday) I seem to never get tired of the beauty and amazement TWIP brings each Friday

Yep, I smiled at the Tailless Lioness comment before I read your next sentence. While our time at Londolozi was long after she was gone, we were fortunate to spend considerable time with her daughter and we look forward to spending time with more of her legacy for many years to come.

Gorgeous shot of the sunbird. Love the composition of colors!
Speaking of gorgeous, is there any news on the Tamboti female?
Thank you James

Hi Peggy,
Sadly not yet. It’s not looking good…

Wonderful TWIP James!! Lion and leopard photos are always a draw but you’ve managed to entertain us with beautiful photos of other species in the bush. Question- I noticed the ISO was really bumped up to 5000 for the ostrich photo. Your reason? It’s a great photo but what prompted you to go this high? Thanks!! BTW, is mid to end of March a good sighting time? I know it’s hot, end of summer and tall grasses…….

Hi Denise, well spotted!
It was almost dark at this point so I really had to crank up the ISO to get a decent shutter speed!

Senior Digital Ranger

Yay thank you James for not photoshopping the lioness with the reed in her face, that is how we see nature!! You youngsters should be able to sleep thru the Barn Owl screech 🙂 The pictures are stunning thank you for making my Friday & the weekend 🙂 Enjoy yours & I look forward to the future pictures 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

Always a good read James. Finally finished my write-up of our trip in my latest Facebook trip photo album. Lots of references to your blog in the Londolozi portion of the trip!

Such an incredible range of photos!!! I honestly can’t choose a favourite!

Very good variety of images this week, James. I personally liked the elephant’s trunk devouring thorns and all. And your piece about the interplay of snarl/cluck with the leopard and Spurfowl made me grin ear to ear. As to the pesty screaching of Barn Owl ….what can I say. Perhaps someone needs to dole out some Tylenol PM for those sleepless nights! lol …

James, Great post! Especially loved the close-up of the elephant trunk. Hoping to focus on detailed shots like that on our next visit. Was the image cropped or was that full-on?

Hi Michael and Terri!
There was a bare minimum of cropping to improve the composition, but thankfully the ele was close so hardly any was needed!

Well, as you know, Terri would never let us get that close! 😉

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