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Tutlwa 4:3 Female

Tutlwa 4:3 Female

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Nanga 4:3 Female

Nanga 4:3 Female

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Makomsava 4:4 female

Makomsava 4:4 female

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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on Introducing the Makomsava Female Leopard

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It is always good news when a cub makes it to independence and can be named. The leadwood forest is truly beautiful and it is a fitting name for this young female.

Master Tracker

A wonderful example of one of the factors that makes Londolozi stand out , the individual knowledge of the rangers and trackers as well as the imbedded collective knowledge

She’s a beauty! We’re looking forward to many stories of her to come….

What a brilliant photograph of the Nanga female leaping over her daughter. It’s heartening to learn that she has finally raised one cub to independence after losing so many. Wishing a bright future for Makomsava!!

She’s absolutely beautiful! Her color is much lighter than many of the leopards! Just a gorgeous girl!!! Much luck to her on her independence and territory!!!

Hi Carol,
Good observation. Her mother the Nanga female is also quite a pale leopard, so it’s clearly something that runs in the lineage…

Holding thumbs for this beautiful young leopard.

Senior Digital Ranger

James, thanks for this wonderful history and the lovely photographs. Wishing the Makomsava Female a long life in this beautiful place.

The images of baby leopard cubs with their mother are as sweet as any would hope for. Whether playing, grooming or teaching, hearts warm with images like the ones you posted this week. I have been wondering just who has the honor of naming a newly independent leopard? An individual or perhaps a group decision?

So exciting, especially given the fairly high rate of death with young leopards. Hope we will see her in January !!

I’m looking forward to seeing Makomsava! We saw her in April/May 2017 as a very little cub after following her mother who was calling her as we closely observed. May all be right in your world, Makomsava!

Senior Digital Ranger

Makomsava is a beauty like her mother. I hope she makes herself at home and continues to grace your visitors with her beauty.

Nice blog James and let us hope that she hangs around Londolozi. A good news story. She is a beautiful cat.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Excellent Jamo. Guy and I had an awesome time with her in the Leadwood Forest one afternoon.

What a wonderful idea for her name and so exciting that she’s named. We saw her in that very spot.

Lucky enough to see her as a cute and rather shy cub and were able to see her again on our last visit as she was beginning to establish her independent territory. Simply lovely and very special to watch a leopard grow and develop and hoping for a great future for her!

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