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on World Environment Day

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It is time for us the currant generation to take responsibility and decrease plastic usage or else there will not be a planet earth left for the next generation. It is so sad to see plastic end up in the oceans killing birds, animals and fish. And the fish that we eat ingested the plaatic and we eat it. We must do our bit or else it will be the end of earth’s inhabitants.

James, all of this is so true, yet it is apparent that the younger generation seems to believe the statistics are not the whole truth. I observed the teens in Paris this past March, smoking and tossing the butts onto the sidewalk or street, dropping their plastic bottles in the gutter- you get the drift. Should one say something to them, they become belligerent. This all begins with their parents, education, etc. I see the same thing here in the SF Bay Area. I’m not sure how the message can be more emphatically taught. It is one thing to teach environmentalism in schools but parents need to reinforce by example. We’ve a long way to go but hopefully as a planet, if one out of two people practice conservation guidelines, then we’ve got a shot at saving our animals and providing nourishment for everyone. Only time will tell.

What a wonderful post! I am so pleased to hear the steps Londolozi is taking to reduce their carbon footprint. I have recently become aware of the devastating effect plastic has had on our environment. No more plastic water bottles-replaced with Brita filter system and no more plastic straws I bought some metal ones. I think there is something going around on the internet for everyone who visits the beach to pick up 3 pieces of plastic. every little bit helps. I see there are alternatives and use for plastic like paving roadways I hope more countries ban plastic straws and bags

So many layered eco problems these days, with each one being vitally important. There are no pat answers. Only individual steps forward. Wherever I am in the world, the plastic waste is so visible….even in the oceans. Thank you Londolozi for your steps forward for improved change. The war is won one day and one man at a time. Awareness and action are key for our earth and all who inhabit it.

There is an intiative called EcoBricks to whom we send all of our plastic. We haven’t thrown any away in almost a year!
We need to have a World Environmental Day every week in my opinion

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