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Anna Ridgewell

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Anna worked at Londolozi for almost 9 years. A lodge like Londolozi, although famous for its wildlife, is about far more than just that. The superb culinary experience which awaits every guest at Londolozi is thanks to the continued efforts of Anna, who ...

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on World Ocean Day

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Marinda Drake
Master Tracker

A lovely informative blog Anna. Plastic is realy so bad for the environment. Our wildlife, water sources and oceans. We will all just have to start doing our bit and stop using it.

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

You are so correct Anna on all these ecological issues. Here in California we also have approved fish buying lists issued by the Monterey Aquarium. Our grocery stores only sell sustainable fish varieties, many of them farmed.

We also have a plastic bag ban – we take our own bags to the grocery store or you pay to buy a paper bag. What is frustrating is that there are still so many people that just don’t care about our delicate environment. Just look at the litter alongside the road. Sigh- perhaps one day!!

Joanne Wadsworth Kelley
Master Tracker

So right, Anna, and so important on every level to obtain success through awareness and action on all our parts. That Londolozi is aware and active is not a surprise. It was also very interesting to read the stats about plastic straws. I lunched last week with a friend at a very nice restaurant who had decided to stop offering straws all together. They simply were not available . . . I smiled and was glad.

Mary Beth Wheeler
Master Tracker

An interesting and timely blog, Anna. Plastic is ubiquitous and difficult to avoid, but with effort, it can he done. Anything to avoid adding to the islands of plastic waste floating in our oceans!

Callum Evans
Master Tracker

I really hate plastic, I don’t why people still wrap everything in it these days (twice over in many cases)!

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