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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Great pics this week. Love the rhino, zebra, hyena cub and the sunrise.

Since hosana male leopard spends most of his time on londolozi why don’t you add him to the blog? he is is 2 years old and his father is tingana and mother karula

Hi Ramone,
He has only been seen a few times. Most likely he won’t stay as the territory is already occupied by a much bigger male. If he does stick around, we will add him.

Master Tracker

Some super shots, especially the opening shot of the Birmingham male and the lilac breasted roller

Beautiful photos! I could not pick a favorite. They were all terrific! Well done!

Wonderful TWIP Grant. Do you shoot in AP or Manual? I noticed your varying iso numbers – is this from auto setting or do you assess your light and manually set? I suspect you shoot in AF as to manually set can waste precious seconds. Thank you!

Hello Denise. Thank you for the comment. I most often shoot in Aperture priority for that exact reason of saving time from having to set the correct settings in manual. I also prefer to assess the light conditions and select ISO settings myself rather than using auto ISO. Hope this help.

What a fun blog! It really displays the wide range of wildlife that call Londolozi home!

Great photos Grant! Well done on the lilac breasted roller in flight – stunning! Love the sunrise the the Birmingham male lion too

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice one Grant. Missing Londolozi already.

Another great blog from Grant!! Thanks for sharing your photos – I especially love the little hyena cub 🙂

Great shot of the lilac breasted roller, and thanks for the photo-taking advice. I hope to get an opportunity some day!

Great pictures, Grant! It takes us back to our trip to Londolozi last June. We still talk about the trip and how much fun we all had. THANK YOU to you and Exon for making it so memorable!

The photos of the Birmingham male, the Hosana male and the misty sunrise at Finfoot Crossing are particularly special! The cheetah sightings you guys had this week must have been unbelievable!

Senior Digital Ranger

Always hard to pick a favorite, but this time definitely the lilac-breasted roller.

Senior Digital Ranger

I secretly hope that Hosana will stay on Londolozi. He and Thamba are such stars and awesome to spend time with on drive.

What a rich and rewarding WIP. I read it to my 10 year old son who wants to study zoology and is longing to visit Africa. Thanks for another dose of delight and inspiration.

Thanks Melanie.
Grant is currently on leave but I’ll pass on your kind words to him.

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