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on Londolozi Cheetah Population Rises 500%

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Great news that the cheetah population increased. The two males look very young.

Excitement and spectulation is on the rise with the arrival of these cheetahs! Let’s hope they choose to stay at Londolozi a bit longer for everyone’s enjoyment. These images are truly stunning!

Interesting movement by the two groups of cheetah. They are such beautiful animals. It is always a plus for any area to have them since their population is so low. The other predators may make it hard for both groups to survive. Keeping my fingers crossed that both groups stay in the Sabi Sands area! Wishful thinking!

Fantastic news!! It would be amazing if the female decided to settle on Londolozi for a while. And who knows, maybe the males will decide to come back and establish themselves on the reserve.


Love to see that cheetah are back! Hope they stay for awhile!

How wonderful to see more cheetahs in your Reserve. I’m with you in the thought process, guessing the males will travel back to Kruger to avoid conflict and to perhaps settle back into a more familiar territory. The subsequent arrival of mom with her two sub adult males, could make for great viewing if they’re not spooked by the vehicles, nor the resident male. More information to come, I’m sure.

Master Tracker

Sounds good, looking forward to some photos (if the cheetahs hang around)

Master Tracker

It makes a change to have a cheetah in a tree story…

They are beautiful. This has been a good and a sad year. But the balance of life is a look into the future. Ostriches, lions, leopards and now cheetahs. Can’t wait to hear more about all this new news.

This is SO interesting. Loved the pics and the story of the Cheetahs! Will be following this with the greatest of interest. Wendy M

Senior Digital Ranger

Cheers for Cheetahs indeed! Would love to see one-guess it means I will be forced to make another trip to Londolozi-such a hardship ?

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