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on Tailless Lioness Badly Injured

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Very sad state of affairs.

This is so sad. I do hope she recovers and that the youngsters survive.

Just read Tom’s blog again about the old tailless. It is a sad situation.

The continuing saga of the Tsalala pride….. hating to see any animal injured, I hope that she can obtain enough food to heal her wounds or at the worst, she slips away with dignity.

Dear rangers I have been following your updates and with great interest and lots of agony in some cases. Especially the Tsalala pride story. I have been saving for 1 year to be able to visit you. I want to beg you for just once please leave some food for the injured lioness. Help her survive! I know about your policy. I read about it every time. But please as an animal welfare volunteer in my country Greece, do something merciful for once. Can you????

Master Tracker

They seem to have drawn a very, very short straw.

Oh this is sad news. She looks distressed. Lets pray that the Heaven’s will shine some luck her way and she will remain with us. I will be watching for updates on her status. I worry from afar, and hope for good news.
Thanks James

Digital Ranger

I suppose it would not be correct to leave her some food nearby? Poor female lioness! Where are her children when she needs them!

Saying prayers for my girl.

This news makes me so incredibly sad. The tailless lioness was the first lion that I saw at Londolozi and I will always remember the time I was gifted to have spent with her. Still holding out hope for a recovery…

Too sad for the tailess lioness… i really liked how its life simulated the history of the original tailess lioness.

It appears that 2018 is not a good year for the iconic lionesses and lions of Londolozi. First the Majingilanes and now the Tailless, who looked just majestic only earlier this year.

Senior Digital Ranger

It is hard not to feel sadness watching this decline. You describe the challenge of aging, and inability to hunt for self-let alone be attacked by your own family members! Are their any species on Londolozi where elderly are supported by others in a pride, herd, etc. as they age?

Hi Ginger,
In social groups, older individuals might rely on the rest of the group but only to a point. Once they start imperilling the health of the others they are often left behind. It’s a harsh life in the bush!

Had some amazing viewings of the Tsalala pride and the tailless lioness back in 2015 and again, with her 2 cubs, in 2017. I will be sad to see her go. Please keep us posted. Anyone know what happened to her remaining cub? He looked well at beginning of May.

Hi Amanda,
He was seen in very poor condition just about the time the Tsalala males returned. Either they killed him or he died of malnutrition.

Have always rooted for this gal. To have fled the Matimba’s alone with her sister’s 4 cubs & raise them all to independence was an amazing feat. Her life in many ways a carbon copy of her mother’s. Hopefully she will recover and have a couple more years. only time will tell.

This is SO sad! This is also the ONE time that I sincerely hope Freddy is wrong! She is a formidable lioness and I have had the privilege of seeing her many times. Even nearly had her in the front seat with Richard 1 and Rich Burman! She has always surprised and hopefully this will be another time she does just that!

Hi Sam,
She’s had amazing resilience before, but when they get old, lions struggle more and more to come back from injury. I also hope Freddy is wrong!

So sad, it’s an end of an Era. Thank you for following her, she truly is a “force of nature” an inspiration in so many ways…

Having last been to Kruger area game lodges in the mid-80’s I follow your communications with great interest and pleasure [I have long lived in the US and age no longer permits me to travel. So please continue sending.

Oh no! I wonder if she bumped into the Mhangeni or the Ntsevu lionesses, or maybe even the Birmingham Males? This year has definitely not been kind to some of Londolozi’s most well-known lions

Senior Digital Ranger

I was hoping not to hear this news.. It brings tears to know that this legendary pride will come to an end. I hope if her time has come that she can move gently into that good night. I do hope the sons of the Tsalala can find a place to call home. Maybe even give new life to the pride through their sister. I know it isn’t ideal but I think it would be wonderful in this circumstance. Thank you for the update.

I love all your blogs and stories. Some of them, like this one, are make me feel so emotional and sad, others, like the one on the ostrich family make me fell really happy. Thank you all for all of them! Sadly, I cannot constantly travel to Londolozi or other beautiful safari places, so these blogs are a good way to take kind of part in the wonderful, though often a bit tragic/ sad life in the bush. I do hope that this poor lioness will recover from her bad wounds and survive for some more time.

Digital Ranger

Oh my God! The same scenario as her mother in August 2013? And her son was so beautiful. ♥ ♥

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