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on What Will Happen if the Mhangeni and Ntsevu Prides Meet?

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The lion dynamics are crazy. Was the one Mhangene female killed? Will the Mhangene pride know that the Ntsevu pride females are their daughters? Were the last Mhangene offspring farthered by the Majingilane?

Marinda we don’t know about the fourth Mhangeni lioness. We just know we haven’t seen all four together for a long time, but they could have split for awhile. Yes, we think the last Mhangeni offspring were sired by the Majingilane…

Thank you James. I have just read that the Mhangene sub adults has been seen in the south of the reserve where they managed to find a buffalo that died from natural causes. They are apparently struggling to hunt and get a decent meal.

Hi Marinda,
I’m sure that’s just their inexperience showing through. Yes, I heard they’ve been seen on Sabi Sabi recently.

How big are the kambula lionesses in size?

They are also pretty large lionesses. some of t he bigger ones around.

They are also pretty large lionesses. some of the bigger ones around.

Master Tracker

Fascinating, the only constant is change. Look forward to reading more.

Great article. Remembering the dynamics between late Majingilane and the 2 remaining Matimbas, the Mhangeni (Original) could well initiate a war between Matimbas and Birmingham’s… But at the moment Matimbas are only busy with Othawa females.. Time will tell.
And the Mhangeni will go to mate with them after they are done with Birmingham’s.

Senior Digital Ranger

Flying to Londolozi from Jo’burg tomorrow (Monday) morning! Spent the last week in the Okavango Delta where I ran into a guy named Goodman working at Chitabe. I mentioned i was going to Londolozi and he said he knew this guy named James Tyrell and wanted to say hello

Hi Phil.
Wow small world! Goodman was our guide when we visited Wilderness’ Savuti camp a couple of years ago. He was great!
Hopefully see you down at Londoz. Which camp are you staying in?

Senior Digital Ranger

Varty camp. Guide Grant, tracker Jerry. Saw mating lions last night (eventually elephant herd arrived and ran them off), croc swallowing impala skull, and followed three businesses in the hunt after sunset. Great start!

Nice one Phil. Grant told me about the Impala skull being eaten by the croc! Sounded like a pretty awesome evening!

Having spent time with the Mhagene pride (16 strong at the time) the moms seemed to be a serious group, intense and always watching out for their cubs. It will be interesting to see if they successfully extend their presence with the addition of more cubs fathered by the Birmingham males. I know you’ll keep us posted.

Are they still moving across territory boundaries such as Singita and Mala Mala?

Hi Denise,

We haven’t seen the Mhangeni females go onto Mala Mala for quite some time now (at least not that I know of) but the Ntsevu females are constantly moving between Londolozi and Mala Mala…

It’s interesting that’s there’s a gap between the two prides territories that no lion has settled on, maybe it acts as a sort of buffer zone between the two prides?

Quite possible. I imagine in time there will be more lion activity in the area, but given that it is right on the outskirts of both prides’ territories, both groups are infrequent visitors to that part of the reserve…

Interesting. I wonder if it really is a lions No-Man’s Land or whether it’s not a good territory?

This could definetely lead to confrontation, with the females from these prides all courting the Birmingham Males (could see a baby boom in a couple of months!). The boundaries between their two territories could start becoming blurred.

Thanks for the map James, it helps a lot to see and understand the dynamics.

I watch with interest

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