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Sam Zeederberg

Wellness Therapist

Sam was born in Cape Town and pursued studies in Therapeutic Reflexology, Meridian Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki and Yoga Therapy. While working as a Bodywork Therapist in and around the Cape, her main passion lay in teaching children and young adult's yoga and mindfulness ...

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on Yoga Lessons in the Creche

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Oh what wonderful lessons do they learn. And it all come so easily when you are a child. To see life through those child eyes. A lovely and inspiring blog Sam.

Beautiful blog Sam. Your teaching yoga to the little ones must give you so much joy and it’s a wonderful way for them to experience gentle exercises and develop good listening habits. Keep up your good work.

Senior Digital Ranger

How absolutely lovely Sam – I smiled from beginning to end of your blog introducing these little-ies to feelings which are life lessons for us all, big or small. Thank you.

The creche is so special. If you go to Londolozi don’t miss visiting the creche.

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